What is a ledge-jumper?

The big meme around here lately seems to be that of the ledge-jumper. What kind of comments constitute ledge-jumping? When is it acceptable? Don't people have a right to post here regardless of their views?

What's a ledge-jumper?

I think that distinction lies in what is constructive criticism and what is not. Here's a little story: A few years ago I was at the Cell watching the Red Sox play the White Sox. The Red Sox were down two runs, had two men on base, and Manny was up to bat. A kid behind me, maybe 10 years old, kept shouting "Hit a HOMER, Manny! Hit a THREE-RUN HOMER!"

Good job, son. A home run would indeed score three runs, putting your Red Sox in the lead. Thank God Manny now knows what to do.

My point, aside from ridiculing a child, is that pointing out the obvious doesn't really add anything to the conversation. Nor does suggesting patently ridiculous moves. We all know Cotts needed to throw strikes. You can't trade Lee because he has a NTC. Nothing short of a time machine is likely to get DeRosa back.

Moving Marshall to the bullpen? Constructive idea. Not terribly popular around here, it seems, but it's something the Cubs could actually do (and it appears now that they may).

So to me, a ledge-jumper is the guy declaring the season over even when we're within striking distance of the division lead. A ledge-jumper is the guy demanding a trade after every loss, a DFA after every at-bat. It's the guy who's all anger and no substance.

Sucks to your asthmar! I can post whatever I want.

True, to a point. One more anecdote here: My girlfriend used to complain to me every day about her stupid boss and stupid co-workers. Eventually she realized that she was essentially just redirecting all her anger and frustration with them at me, which was actually a pretty crappy thing to do. Now she just gives me the highlights of their ineptitude and moves on so she doesn't drag me down with her.

You're free to express your frustration. But the people here aren't the ones blowing the plays. So why take it out on each other? My philosophy is to shake my head, shake it off, and move on.

I don't think everything around here has to be unicorns and rainbows. There are some legitimate issues with this team, even putting injuries aside. But I also think rampant negativity because you're frustrated doesn't do anyone any good.






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