OT: The Next Generation: Brewers beat Cubs, Red-Sox

Game 12: On Monday, the Westdale Brewers played the Westdale Cubs, beating them solidly, 15-4, gaining revenge on their loss from the week previously.

Watch carefully, because I'm only going to say this once: WOOO-HOOO! BREWERS BEAT THE CUBS!

The Brewers struck early, scoring two runs in the first inning. The Cubs came back in the bottom of the first, scoring four, but would not score for the rest of the game. The Brewers were very patient with the Cubs pitching, drawing plenty of walks and manufacturing runs. Max went 1-3, with a K, a hit, and a perfect bunt that drove a runner from second to third, which went on to score. The Brewers pitching recovered from the first inning, and went on to shut the Cubs out for the next five innings. Max played two innings in right field, and one in left.

The Cubs strike early.

Max gets a hit on a grounder throught the left side.

Max looks on as the Brewers pound the Cubs pitching.

Max lays down a bunt on a very high pitch.

This game was delayed for nearly half an hour when, on a close play at the plate, the Cubs catcher was knocked out after a collision with the Brewers left-fielder. As you can see in the picture below, the catcher didn't give our player the plate, and the Brewer was unable to slide. The catcher woke up and went to the hospital for precautionary reasons, but has been reported as fine.

The Brewers celebrate their win!

Game 13: On Wedesday, the Brewers beat the Red-Sox, 7-2. The game was even more unbalanced than the score would indicate; the Brewers scored four in the first inning, one in the third, and two in the fifth, with the Red Sox runs both coming in the fourth inning. The Brewers played good fundamental baseball, making infield plays to all bases, including a brilliant relay throw home to catch a runner in the bottom of the third for the third out.

Max played Right field for three innings, making two key plays, although on the second play, his throw home went wide. He was 0-2, striking out both times.

Max still struggling at the plate.

Max discusses outfield strategy with the coach.

The teams line up after the Brewers' victory.

The team record is now 9-5, with two games left to go in the regular season.

Max's stats:

Avg 0.115
OBP 0.235
SLG 0.346
OBP+ 0.581
4 Runs
SB - 3/4
6 walks
12 Ks
2 Sac Bunts

ERA 13.514
1 walk issued
2 SB
1 K
1 HB

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