Hitting splits and possible improvements

I attempted to break down the stats for each key position player in an attempt to find when each is at a general advantage or disadvantage according to their performance this year. While I’m certain there will be criticism of “small sample” numbers in some cases, it is what it is so far. After taking a look at the comparisons by position, I tried to suggest where one player might be preferable against a certain type pitcher or starting either day or night or home or away.

Obviously certain players can be on “hot” or “cold” streaks, but that is generally overlooked because the splits presume we should put each player in a best position to succeed.

1B- Lee is the clear cut choice. As a #3 batter he is 173/224/436. Batting #4 313/415/954. Keep him as cleanup.

2B-This position is currently our weakest link. Our team sOPS+ here is a miniscule 59. The fact that we moved Fontenot from 2B to 3b only accelerated the problem. If we leave Fontenot at 3B, the choices are Scales, Blanco or Miles. Miles is 188/235/460 vs RHP. Scales 188/235/798 vs LHP. Also Miles is 130/231/448 with RISP. He also is terrible as his at bats continue against the SP. 087/125/255 the 2nd time against him and 091/231/322 the 3rd time. His only positive numbers are in day games 271/340/694. Scales may have had his 15 days of glory. Currently he is 132/267/556 the last 28 days. His positive is vs finesse pitchers (less than 24% BB or K).  Blanco has insufficient numbers to draw any conclusion, but he is definitely the best defensive 2B. My opinion is to move Fontenot back to 2B and platoon him with Miles against a LHP. Send Scales back to AAA.

SS- Theriot is an obvious starter at SS.

3B- Bring back Fox and put him at 3B. We can make defensive changes in the later innings if needed. Fontenot is having a terrible time vs LHP. Fontenot vs LHP 133/176/410.

LF- Soriano is the only real option but he has some terrible splits. Vs LHP 150/261/561. With RISP 133/286/575. 2nd time vs SP 143/222/528. 3rd time vs SP 192/271/540.

CF- Fukudome is repeating his 1st year fall from grace. His last 28 days 204/353/668. Johnson is 324/405/891 vs LHP. Against Flyball pitchers 435/481/1481. Clearly we have a platoon situation.

RF- Bradley has some strange splits. His first time thru against the SP 088/162/309. 2nd time vs SP 407/543/1321. Vs RHP 174/303/629. Away games 169/297/569. While it seems unlikely that Bradley will be platooned Lou may be wise to sit him against some RHP and use Hoffpauir or Fox vs RHP, particularly on the road.

C- Soto is the only real choice. Hill has reverted to and easy out since his strong start in May. Hill is 4/29 the past 2 months.

Finally, the only clear batting slot for Bradley is #3. At #3 302/362/804. #4 152/364/636. #5 179/273/636. Feel free to criticize. I’m just looking for answers like the rest of us. Something has to change. Waiting for Aram to come back isn’t a viable solution for me.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of SB Nation or Al Yellon, managing editor (unless it's a FanPost posted by Al). FanPost opinions are valued expressions of opinion by passionate and knowledgeable baseball fans.

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