Every post turns into the same argument, so here's what I have to say.

I am really sick of having to repeat my view regarding the Cubs this year, so I guess I will lay out my views on this one post. 

Here are a few of the general arguments/statements that have been made way too much lately:

1) For some reason, we could be talking about something completely random, and it ALWAYS leads to something regarding Mark DeRosa.....SHUT UP ABOUT DeRosa....WHAT'S DONE IS DONE.

  • people need to realize that getting rid of Mark DeRosa occurred so we could fix one of the problems we faced in the playoffs, that is the lack of power hitting lefties in the lineup………If Bradley panned out and was productive, people would not really care too much about Mark DeRosa because our team would have been better overall, but obviously Bradley has not performed well overall. T
  • The entire Bradley/DeRosa pickup/release was a risk taken by the front office, and so far it has led to negative rewards. 
  • "$136 million dollars for a .500 ballclub" may look bad at times, investments can also be long run.  Wait till the season is over to assess the failure of the payroll.

2) "The Cubs are not performing now....let's trade away our players to get better!!!"

  • uhhhhhhh no.  The team that we have now was put together to win now, not to have a dynasty 5 years down the road.  

3) "Even though Aramis is coming back, we need to add a bat."

  • People, you need to realize that baseball is a business.  If we were to acquire  a hitter around the time Aramis was injured, I would be all for acquiring a hitter, but it's too late.  It is not financially feasible to make an acquisition for a hitter with Aramis coming back this soon.  And people can complain about the amount of time it will take Aramis to get back to 100%, but let's be honest, none of you have any real idea.  Some of you will hold a pessimistic view, but I for one have confidence behind Aramis knowing that he is our best player and one the most potent and clutch hitters in the game.

4) "We are not performing well, ALL IS LOST!!!!"

  • really?  because last time I checked we still had a whole lot of baseball left.  I think 93 games or so. 
  • last time I checked, the NL Central sucks.  We are somehow only 3.5 games left....and I doubt any team in the division will make a big move prior to the trade deadline to solidy their team.
  • Players generally will end the season just around their career I know some of the players won't, and I realize that....but there are still 93 games for the players to improve.

Overall, all of these arguments that I have read or responded to are understandable.  It's been over 100 years since the Cubs won a world series and I know it can be difficult to watch sometimes.  As I often tell people on this site, the key to the Cubs this season is PATIENCE (being a Cubs fan, I know that is difficult and you may not be familiar with the term.  I suggest looking it up in a dictionary if you find yourself baffled by the term). 

I doubt the Cubs will trade for a player that would make an impact for a huge turnaround, and with our suffering hitters, we will have to be patient throughout the rest of the season.

  • just a side note, if you can't be patient, you really should not be a Cubs fan.

Baseball is a great game because it's the longest in the big pro sports.  Players and teams can go on huge hot and cold streaks, which makes baseball such a great sport.  Even when all looks gray, teams can still find their way into the playoffs (2005 Houston Astros...15 games under .500 at one point, managed to get into the world series).  The players know that they are not performing, and trust me, they probably feel sicker in their stomachs than you do and have a huge desire to be successful. 

That is my rant.  Oh and if somebody starts posting stuff about DeRosa or having some "brilliant, groundbreaking" idea of moving Harden to the pen, idk what I will do.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of SB Nation or Al Yellon, managing editor (unless it's a FanPost posted by Al). FanPost opinions are valued expressions of opinion by passionate and knowledgeable baseball fans.

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