It is time to reassess this team

The Cubs are getting very close the halfway point of the season.


I would like to start this discussion with a few simple assumptions:


1: The current team make up makes it nothing more than a .500 team.  No more, no less.


2: With all these back loaded contracts it is clear the Cubs have to try to win now.


3: There is no guarantee that AmRam comes back 100% let alone can bring 10 wins to the team with his offense.


Here are my predictions going forward on these guys.  Grades are for what they should be for the rest of the season if they stay in their current roles.


The Starters:

1) Sori C+(Great start, scary bad since)

2) Dome C+ (Nothing Great, he can’t hit lefties)

3) Game Board C- (He looks like a .250 hitter, with a little pop from the Right side)

4) DLee B (A good May/June has shown he’s still a very good pro hitter)

5) Soto B (He looks like he has found his stroke again)

6) LBR D+ (He looks like a role player.  Nothing more)

7) The Riot B+ (The consistent player on the team)

8) Aaron Miles F (He is done)


Role Players:

The Hoff B (He is a good pitch hitter and good role player.)

Bobby Scales C- (Great story that can help in a pinch)

K Hill C (An average back up catcher)

Freel Incomplete  (Hasn’t had a chance to play, but he could be helpful)

Fox B+ (He looks like a MLB hitter and he will not be returning to Iowa)

RJ B (A good back up outfielder)

Andy Blanco C (An Average light hitting, good fielding backup infielders)


Starting Pitcher:

Z A- (He is an Ace)

Lilly B (He is good)

Dempster B (He is good and should have 2 more wins)

Harden B- (Still gives up too many homers, but he can wow sometimes)

Wells C+ (The MLB will figure him out, but he looks like a big league starter)

Marshal C (He’s a starter and could be a very good 5 starter)


The Pen

Closer: Gregg C+ (An Average MLB Closer.  Nothing more, Nothing less)

8th Inning Guy: Marmol B (His stuff is electric, but walks are killing him)

7th Inning Guy: Guzman B (He’s learned to be a relief pitcher)

Others in the Pen:

Ascanio D (AAAA pen guy)            

Heilman C (Average pen pitcher.  Should never be asked to do more)        

Patton C (Should be in Iowa but whatever, He can get outs)

Hart D- (AAAA pen guy)     



This is what this team is at the current moment.  If you average the grades together you will get a C+ team.  I see a team that will win 85 games and if they make the playoffs will be swept again in the first round.


So how do you fix this team?


First the offense is sad and DeRo will not fix it.


First:  Sori needs some mental health days.  Get RJ/Hoff more At Bats in Left.

Second:  Fox is a MLB Hitter and should get the Starting Job at 3B till AmRam gets back.

Third: Release Miles and platoon LBR and Andy White at 2B

Fourth: Platoon Hoff/Dome and Gameboard

Fifth: Let RJ take 50% of the At Bats in CF


RHSP Line-up:








The Riot




LHSP Line-up:


The Riot


Game Board




Andy White

The Pitching is good.  The pen could be upgraded but it is the lack of hitting that is killing the cubs not the pen.


The Start Rotation:








Closer: Gregg

8th: Marmol

7th : Guzman






I think with these changes you can pick up a few wins here and there you might get to 88 wins which should get the cubs into the playoffs.


The only way I see the Cubs getting better than that would be to get AmRam back at 100%, Find a new LH Power bat and find an everyday all starting center fielder or Second Baseman both via a trade. Who those folks are I do not know.

Oh and...Peavy

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