A Little Story About Last Night

Last night I had to work until 9pm.  So, as soon as I clocked out I only had one thing on my mind - race to the bar and catch the end of the Cubbies game.  I have been fortunate enough to watch quite a few games on tv this year, but hadn't caught one in several days, so I was pumped to watch the Cubbies in action.

Ofcourse, I had motivation in the fact that I had just acquired Randy Wells in my 12-man, NL only fantasy league.  Being National League only, picking up a guy like Wells at this point in the season is huge, I mean huge.  I must imagine it's a lot like John Daly getting a free pizza and then finding the last case of keystone light at the 7-11 after a long day of swinging the clubs.  It's something to get excited about.  In short, I was stoked to see how he was doing.

So after cruising out of work and down the road to the local tavern, which is actually very nice and has plenty of huge tv's, I hurrily find a parking and run in.  Looking up at the tv's I pump my fist when I see the Cubbies are up 5-3 in the bottom of the 8th!! Alright Cubbies we got this one !! - is what I was thinking to myself. 

I find a seat at the bar, watch Marmol get the third out and then quickly get the recap.  A couple Cubs fans are sitting pretty close and they fill me in on what happenned.  And that Randy Wells had a no hitter going into the 7th !! No forking way !! And then I'm told about Lee's error and then Marmol - oh wow - oh the Carlos that I used to love where have you gone ??   But none the less, we still have the lead and Wells is in line for the win - everything is gravy right ??

Ladies and gentlemen, enter stage left: Kevin Gregg.

The guys next to me start cursing Lou and say he never should have taken out Wells and how Gregg is terrible and he'll give up at least one run.  I say "Hey, we'll be ok he'll get three outs, but honestly I'm still not completely sold on Gregg."  They agree and then I mention I miss Kerry Wood.  They ofcourse agree again and then talk about how we should have not got rid of Wood or Mark DeRosa.  I know it cleard up tons of money, but hard to argue with them there.

So Kevin Gregg is in the game and he gets the first out and there are scattered claps and cheers around the bar.  Then he lets a guy get on and I think to myself, "Oh no - this could really happen - these guys could be right on about Gregg."  But then he gets the second out and there are more claps and more cheers.  But then Jeff Francouer comes to the plate, I see he only has three home runs all year, so I say to myself - Gregg, just don't give up the long ball.  And then out loud I say, "Francouer does not hit ground balls, he's gonna hit a deep fly ball somewhere."

And we all know what happens next.  My heart sinks (along with Cubbie fans everywhere).  The guys next to me curse and rant and say they've had enough and leave.  I stick around, but I know what's going to happen.  I know we're going to lose.  There is no way around it. 

When the game was finally over I went to the restroom and as I'm standing at the urinal, I'm thinking to myself what many are - "the F#$king Cubs."  Just then a couple more guys walk in and as they stand there one guy actually says out loud with a saddenned voice "the F*&king Cubs."  I laughed and said that was exactly what I was thinking. 

As I walk out of the restroom and I'm about to head home, one of the guys said, "Kevin Gregg, that guy needs to be unemployed."  And dangit if all morning I've been thinking to myself he might be right.




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