Where we are compared to last year offensively...

With all the talk about trimester grades and whatnot, I thought I'd take a look at things relative to last year.  Some of this should be fairly obvious, but with so many faces in different places, maybe it'll be interesting.  I'm comparing last year's full-season totals to the projected totals at this point.  Obviously projections are likely to be wrong, but they'll give us some idea of what we've done so far compared to last year.  Caveat: the count stats will clearly depend somewhat on who's playing and the spot in the batting order.  But the slash stats allow for a good comparison, and to some degree so do the count stats.

last year: 599 AB, 80 R, 170 H, 26 HR, 93 RBI, .284/.353/.482 (.836 OPS)
this year: 558 AB, 51 R, 126 H, 12 HR, 60 RBI, .226/.341/.323 (.663 OPS)

last year: 662 AB, 102 R, 196 H, 23 HR, 97 RBI, .296/.365/.480 (.845 OPS)
this year: 630 AB,   75 R, 162 H, 24 HR, 93 RBI, .257/.336/.433 (.769 OPS)

last year: 619 AB, 97 R, 178 H, 17 HR, 91 RBI, .300/.378/.458 (.836 OPS)
this year: 582 AB, 66 R, 123 H,   6 HR, 39 RBI, .211/.277/.299 (.576 OPS)

last year: 619 AB, 110 R, 175 H, 32 HR, 129 RBI, .283/.372/.519 (.891 OPS)
this year: 597 AB,   54 R, 159 H, 24 HR, 117 RBI, .266/.339/.442 (.781 OPS)

last year: 656 AB,   95 R, 199 H,   2 HR, 53 RBI, .303/.379/.364 (.744 OPS)
this year: 645 AB, 102 R, 186 H, 18 HR, 69 RBI, .288/.353/.447 (.799 OPS)

last year: 673 AB, 114 R, 190 H, 35 HR, 109 RBI, .282/.348/.508 (.856 OPS)
this year: 702 AB, 114 R, 165 H, 42 HR,   81 RBI, .235/.300/.470 (.770 OPS)

last year: 587 AB,   95 R, 170 H, 23 HR, 101 RBI, .290/.374/.484 (.858 OPS)
this year: 603 AB, 102 R, 183 H, 21 HR,   87 RBI, .303/.391/.507 (.899 OPS)

last year: 603 AB, 100 R, 151 H, 15 HR, 71 RBI, .250/.350/.381 (.731 OPS)
this year: 588 AB,   87 R, 150 H, 24 HR, 78 RBI, .255/.362/.418 (.780 OPS)

We're getting a LOT less from catcher, 1B, 2B, 3B, and LF.  We're getting better production from SS, CF and RF, but not nearly enough to offset the other positions.

Some of this is obvious: Soto has struggled, Lee had a terrible start but is bouncing back, Fontenot/Scales/Blanco/Miles have not matched DeRosa/Fontenot, Ramirez has been hurt, and Soriano has been slumping since May.  Interestingly, the edge in CF is small, but just as interestingly we've gotten better production in RF in spite of Bradley's struggles.

Sorry for the long post.  Hopefully you all find it worthwhile and illustrative.

P.S.  The stats come from's team batting stats page using the filter options for position and year.  For example, here are the current C stats for 2009 (which I then multiply by 3 to get a full-season projection):

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