2009 Trades Graded

You may not agree with grades but at least you can see all the trades in one post.




Player to Red Sox C-1B Victor Martinez (C)


Players to the Indians RHP Justin Masterson, LHP Nick Hagadone, RHP Bryan Price (A)


The Scoop:  The Sox over paid but needed a bat.  Hagadone will be the guy we all remember from this trade.




Player to White Sox RHP Jake Peavy (B)


Players to Padres LHP Aaron Poreda, LHP Clayton Richard, RHP Dexter Carter, RHP Adam Russell (C-)


The Scoop:  The Sox get the guy they wanted weeks ago and gave up very little to get him. At the same time they traded their systems depth for a guy on the DL.  By the way I think the Padres are wishing they sold to the Cubs this winter.




Player to Twins SS Orlando Cabrera (C-)


Players to A's SS Tyler Ladendorf (B+)


The Scoop:  The Twins were the only team really wanting Cabrera but he could help this team win now.  The A’s get something for a guy that is washed up and walking at the end of the year.




Player to Tigers LHP Jarrod Washburn (C+)


Players to Mariners LHP Lucas French, LHP Mauricio Robles (A)


The Scoop:  Unlike many other teams that needed arms the Tigers actually got one to help there team but overpaid with French who will be a stud.  The Mariners admit they will not win this year and manage to sell Washburn very high.




Player to Braves 1B Adam LaRoche (D)


Player to Red Sox 1B Casey Kotchman (A-)


The Scoop:  I still think the Sox got Kotchman to flip him later in the day for a bigger deal but either way they gave up an average hitter for a guy who you could switch James Loney with and never know by the numbers if had switched.




Player to Marlins 1B Nick Johnson (A)



Player to Nationals LHP Aaron Thompson (D-)


The Scoop:  The Marlins get an OBP machine to hit in front of their big three and only give up a LHP with a record of 5-9.




Player to Rockies LHP Joe Beimel (A+)



Players to Nationals RHP Ryan Mattheus, RHP Robinson Fabian (F)


The Scoop:  The Roxs get real Bullpen help and give up two minor leaguers with a records of 4-8.  Who the hell runs the Nats?




Player to Dodgers LHP George Sherrill (A)


Players to Orioles 3B Josh Bell, RHP Steve Johnson (B)


The Scoop:  Sherrill is the real deal and cheap and the dodgers underpaid in order for the O’s to fill the void at 3B when Mora leaves.  The O’s still filled that hole so it was a good trade for them




Players to Cubs LHP John Grabow, LHP Tom Gorzelanny (B+)


Players to Pirates RHP Kevin Hart, RHP Jose Ascanio (C+)


The Scoop:  The Cubs fill a void in the Bullpen and get a reclamation project tossed in.  The Pirates get deeper in the Minors but might have bought Hart a little high.




Players to Giants 2B Freddy Sanchez (D)


Players to Pirates RHP Tim Alderson (A)


The Scoop:  The Giants overpay big time for an injured player.  The Pirates must have pinched themselves when they got that call.




Players to Phillies LHP Cliff Lee, OF Ben Francisco (A)


Players to Indians RHP Jason Knapp, RHP Carlos Carrasco, C Lou Marson, SS Jason Donald (B)


The Scoop:  Phils needed a front line starter and used Halladay to drive down the price.  The Indians still make the right long term move and get a few front line prospects in the process.




Players to Mariners SS Jack Wilson, RHP Ian Snell (F)


Players to Pirates C/1B Jeff Clement, SS Ronny Cedeno, RHP Aaron Pribanicm, RHP Brett Lorin, RHP Nathan Adcock (A)


The Scoop:  The Pirates were in Sell mode and let everyone know they were in sell mode.  The Mariners over pay for two average at best players and then start to sell two days later.  WTF?




Player to Giants 1B Ryan Garko (A)


Player to Indians LHP Scott Barnes (C-)


The Scoop:  Garko is a Major League hitter who should do well in the National League and the Giants got him by selling only one prospect very high.






Player to Cardinals OF Matt Holliday (A)



Players to A's 3B Brett Wallace, OF Shane Peterson, RHP Clayton Mortensen (B+)


The Scoop:  The Cards are going for it and got the best bat at their price range to help.  The A’s get three + prospects but were forced to sell Holliday a little lower than expected but still sold him at an above market price.




Player to Rockies RHP Rafael Betancourt (D)



Player to Indians RHP Connor Graham (A)


The Scoop:  The Roxs turned the Indians for bullpen help and actually gave up a prospect for said help.  Has anyone from the Roxs watched an Indian’s game this year?




Player to Cardinals IF Julio Lugo (B)



Player to Red Sox OF Chris Duncan (B)


The Scoop: The Sox got something for someone they DFAed and the Cards kept the other teams (Cubs) from picking up someone they had their eye on.




Player to Red Sox 1B Adam LaRoche (C)


Players to Pirates SS Argenis Dias, P Hunter Strickland (B)


The Scoop: LaRoche is an average player that the Red Sox really didn’t have to have but they didn’t overpay too much.  The Pirates got deeper in the Minors again




Player to Brewers 2B Felipe Lopez (B+)


Players to D-backs RHP Roque Mercedes, OF Cole Gillespie (C)


The Scoop: The Brewers got one their holes filled without getting much yet the D-backs were lucky to get anything for Lopez




Player to Mariners 3B Jack Hannahan (-D)



Player to A's RHP Justin Souza (A)


The Scoop: The Mariners thought they were buyers and the A’s took advantage of that miscalculation.




Player to Mets OF Jeff Francoeur (B-)



Players to Braves OF Ryan Church (A-)

Cash considerations



The Scoop: Classic “Change of Scenery” trade.  Church has more upside but Francoeur is getting key hits for the Mets.



Player to White Sox RHP Tony Pena (A)


Player to D-backs INF Brandon Allen (C)


The Scoop: Tony Pena is a serviceable arm for a team that is trying to win now and the Sox didn’t give up much to get him.



Player to A's OF Scott Hairston (D-)


Players to Padres RHP Ryan Webbm, RHP Craig Italiano, Player to be named (B+


The Scoop: Padres got anyone for that scrub is a good hall



Player to Yankees IF-OF Eric Hinske (C-)


Players to Pirates RHP Casey Erickson, OF Eric Fryer (B+)


The Scoop: Pirates did well to get a deeper minor league system the Yanks got some insurance



Players to Nationals OF Nyjer Morgan, LHP Sean Burnett (A)


Players to Pirates RHP Joel Hanrahan, OF Lastings Milledge (C)


The Scoop: Pirates did well to get a Hanrahan but will kick themselves for years as Nyjer Morgan progresses and Milledge ends up pumping gas.



Player to Cardinals IF-OF Mark DeRosa (B)


Players to Indians, RHP Chris Perez, Player to be named later (A)


The Scoop: The Cards got DeRo at a high price but did get a guy who filled holes.  The Indians got much more than they should have for him.



Player to Braves OF Nate McLouth (A)


Players to Pirates RHP Charlie Morton, OF Gorkys Hernandez, LHP Jeff Locke (C+)


The Scoop: The Braves picked up a very good player without giving up major part in their minor league system but the Pirates did get deeper.

In closing, the one great thing we got was this board can all knock off the trades for PV crap.

But we will always have Eric Hanna and ADAM LIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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