Dome's diary - Aug. 25th

Dome keeps his diary posted on his website once or twice a month, and here's quick summery of what he wrote on August  25th.


- Hello, and sorry about updating this diary so late.

- August. Hmm, I should say we could not keep our momentum of July into this month so far. I thought we have to be patient in this tough situation, but now is the time the word "patient" doesn't fit at all anymore.

- I feel we made the situation worse as we've been giving up some needless runs. There are about 40 games to go, and we will definitely do our best. Well, that's all we have to do.

- Personally, my conditions are not bad. I am a starter in the game in one day, or not in next day, or coming in mid inning... I have to get used to the situation, and I will just do what I can do at all given chances. Well, this is not very easy (laugh)

- OBP? I don't care about those numbers so I am not sure, but I feel this is one of my strength to get on base in any kind of way since I am in Japan.

- Good eyes? Well, again I am not sure but I am confident about my eyes... not just eyes, of course (laugh)

- Double digits homers for 11 consecutive years. I have no obsession with homer, but it was good in anyway, because I don't like to see something consecutive for long years is snapped.

- BTW, Yamasaki-san (Takeshi Yamasaki of Rakuten Eagles, Dome's former teammate at Dragons) looks great this season again at that age (40, soon to be 41). I called him when he made 350 homers and 1000 RBIs to celebrate. He was happy, and he said he is completely focusing on making play-off this year. Finally he encouraged me, the other way around, and I replied "Definitely". Oh yes. Congrats Yamasaki-san, for 1500 basehits, 1000 RBIs and 350 homers.

- Anyway, I will try to do my best to the end of this season, remembering aggressive effort of Yamasaki-san and Rakuten Eagles. I need your support.

(see photos on this diary for Dome and his personal coach Kyosuke Sasaki and colleagues)



These days I have almost no chance to watch Cubs game live on my satellite channels (NHK and J-Sports ), as they are mostly showing AL games and very few NL games. AL has more Japanese players like Ichiro, Hideki Matsui and Matsuzaka, and they don't change matches to show even those superstars are on DL or day-to-day. Currently almost all Japanese eyes are on Ichiro, who is 16 basehits to go for new MLB record, 200+ basehits for 9 seasons in a row and 11 to go for 2000 career basehits in MLB, but missing these 3 games with sore left calf. I can watch Dome's AB in news program like NHK's MLB highlight, but anyhow, I am not sure I can watch Dome and Cubs live even they will be playing showdown later next month for playoff berth...

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