A look at the Cardinals last 54

As I said, if there was enough response to this fanpost, I would go ahead and do a similar look at the last 54 games of the Cardinals.

I'm not going to sit here and lie and say that the Cardinals aren't a good team.  They're pretty good, but they've blown some of the opportunities they've had to step on the throats of the Central this season, and I think they're going to regret that come the end of September.

That being said, let's go take a look...

The Central

Pirates 6 games (3 Home, 3 Away) 45-59 as of August 3rd
The Pirates are not good.  I discussed this before.  Interestingly, though, the Cardinals have lost 4 games to them so far this season.  While the team that was playing in August and May is vastly different than the team playing now, I'm thinking the Pirates will be doing their damnedest to be spoilers later in the season, while simultaneously fighting for their big league roles next year.

I'm thinking a split across the series, 3 total wins for the Cardinals here.

Reds 6 games (3 Home, 3 Away) 45-59 as of August 3rd
The Reds are still that team we figured they'd be.   Their manager refuses to understand the concept of not running your players into the ground, and so that's never going to work to their advantage.  

Cardinals are .500 against the Reds right now, . having won the exact same number of home and away games.  I fully expect this trend to continue, so another 3 total wins for the Cardinals here.

Astros 6 games (3 Home, 3 Away) 52-53 as of August 3rd
The Astros actually hold the season series right now, at 5-4.  They tend to beat up on each other, and if the Astros can catch the backend of the rotation once, I think it could be pretty interesting, but again, I'm going to say roughly .500 ball here.

3 wins to the Cardinals.

Brewers 9 games (3 Home, 6 Away) 52-53 as of August 3rd
Here's another time where the Brewers actually own the series record right now, and still have the concept that maybe they're in this thing.  (They aren't.)  The majority of the games being at Miller Park, you would think, would be helpful, but they're actually not.  

Anyways, Cards get 6 here.  Brewers likely take 1 in St. Louis, 2 in Milwaukee.  I'm not keen on the concept of rooting for the Brewers, but it shouldn't affect us too much in anyway.  They don't have the pitching to keep up in a tight division race.

Cubs 3 games (3 Home) 55-48 as of August 3rd
The Cubs absolutely must take at least two of three.  So by default, Cards get 1.


The East

Mets 2 games (2 Away) 50-54 as of August 3rd
The Cardinals will want to come out strong here, but Santana is coming off a strong win against a hot Rockies team, and will want to try and prove something against a strong hitting Cardinals team.

Cardinals lose both, as Lohse won't be able to keep his stuff together in the second game.

Nationals 3 games (3 Away) 33-72 as of August 3rd
The Cardinals win 2 of these.  I'm giving the Nationals a lot of credit, but even a blind dog finds water.  Especially in their own home.

Braves 3 games (3 Home) 53-52 as of August 3rd
The Cardinals took 2 of 3 from Atlanta in Atlanta, but Atlanta is going to be in the thick of the East punching he's other in the face over and over and over.  

Cardinals win 1 in St. Louis.

Marlins 3 games (3 Home) 55-50 as of August 3rd
The Marlins come in between the Braves and the Cubs.   The Marlins will catch one off of them as the Cardinals bounce back from losing to Atlanta, but they'll be looking forward to us.

Cardinals win 2


The West

Padres 7 games (3 Home, 4 Away) 43-63 as of August 3rd
Oh, the Padres aren't any good, but the Cardinals won't be able to hit in Petco, and will be able to in St. Louis

Cards get 4 games.

Dodgers 3 games (3 Away) 65-40 as of August 3rd
Dodgers are going to be trying to shake off their abysmal performance in St. Louis, and are really hardcore in LA.  Expect a Dodgers sweep (which will help lock the West up for them)

Cards get none.

Rockies 3 games (3 Away) 58-47 as of August 3rd
Rockies take 2 of 3, as they're trying to grasp their Wild Card spot right at the end.


This is 26 wins for them.  I realize that's slightly optimistic, so I'm willing to accept any number that's 2 to 3 wins smaller than the Cubs.  Feel free to tell me how ignorant I am below.

(Oh, and BLou, we know the Cubs are going to win 83 max.  So, thanks for that in advance.  :P)

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of SB Nation or Al Yellon, managing editor (unless it's a FanPost posted by Al). FanPost opinions are valued expressions of opinion by passionate and knowledgeable baseball fans.

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