Questions: Stats, bullpen, draft, 2B, SS

As always, thanks in advance for your wisdom.

1.  What is the best indicator of a player's offensive ability?  Some frequently say here that it is OPS.  What is the league average OPS, i.e, what would be considered good and what would be considered lousy?

Also, what is considered a good SLG percentage, and what would be considered average?

I had really always thought it was just OBP (a Billy Beane-ism) but of course that doesn't take into consideration someone's power.  It does really suck however, to watch someone who never gets on base.

2.  What do you think they will do with the pen after this year?  I would assume Gregg and Heilman will not be offered arbitration and that Marmol and Guzman will stay, and that Grabow will be offered arbitration.  Do you think we go after a high priced closer, just use the players in the minors, or try to make a patchwork with low and middle-priced veterans on the FA market?

3.  Do you think that this is the year we trade Marshall?  I really think that he's maximizing his value now and that his value won't go up.  Also, I don't think we need him with Grabow and Gorzelanny, and Wells has essentially taken his position in the rotation.  Don't you think now we be the time to sell high and pull the trigger?  Nobody thought we should trade Wells now that his value is high when I last asked.

4.  I haven't been able to watch a whole lot of games, but have always been intrigued by Gorzelanny and have been hoping he'll be an ace for Chicago.  In fact, I thought Pittsburgh was crazy to give up on him.  His ERA has been poor, yet his numbers are impressive:  WHIP of 1.17 and SO/BB ratio of 2.8... He's given up 25 hits and 3 HR in 30 IP.  That seems pretty good to me.  Why is his ERA so poor? Is he just getting unlucky and giving up hits in bunches?  How has he looked to all of you?  (What pitches does he have, how has his control/velocity been, what can he work on).

5. If a team cannot work out a deal with a draft pick (i.e., they are too cheap to work out a deal) can another team come in and draft them, or does the draft pick have to sit out a year?  Also, how do draftings work with international players? Can't a team just pay a bunch of money to a foreign player they like (as with Fukudome or Matzusaka)?  Why do some of the foreign players have do go through the draft?   Why wasn't a player like Alexei Ramirez (a young, fast, good defensive SS-- something many teams are looking for) chased by a whole bunch of teams-- including the Cubs (i.e., how did the White Sox wind up with the guy)? 

6.  What do you all think the plan for 2B is next year?  Do you really think that Fox is going to be our starting 2B, i.e., has this even been mentioned by management?  Or do you think that Fox will be on the trade wire and that we will try to obtain a real 2B. 

Don't you all think that, with Theriot's relative lack of range, that HE should be moved to 2B and that we should be looking at shortstops?  This way we could use Baker as a utility player (which we were hoping to get Teahen for... actually, Baker's numbers are looking an awful lot like Teahen's) and perhaps have better defense up the middle.

Of course, the question would be who to shoot for as a SS...I know you will all think I'm crazy, but I'd take a flyer on Miguel Tejada for a one year deal.  Because of his age, I don't think too many teams are going to be vying for him or willing to give him a big multi-year deal, and so he shouldn't cost that much.  Even if he's lied about his age and is 40, the man can hit.  We have some OBP guys in Ramirez, Lee, Bradley, Fukudome and Theriot.  It seems like we need more help driving runs in.

Perhaps he can be next years' Orlando Hudson or Bobby Abreu (the guys nobody wanted and had an awesome year to help their teams reach the postseason).  This is the type of move the Indians made when they signed players like Kevin Milwood, Scott Elarton, Joe Borowski (in 2007) and Carl Pavano (which worked since they were one year deals on guys with much to prove).

How is his defense, though?  Is he a huge liability at this age?  Is he any worse than Theriot?



Thanks again for all of your insight!!

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