OT: For those of you pissed off at the Cubs... ponder this.

I was just thinking about how annoyed I am at all the bad moves Cubs management (yes, that means you Mr. Hendry) have made over the past few years.  Then, I managed to stumble across this.  Having lived in KC, I occasionally follow the Royals

Lucky me.  A lifelong Cubs fan, then I live in KC for a few years to watch the Royals and see the Chiefs get dominated by the Broncos.  Now, I live in Cleveland and my AL team is the Indians who just happen to be the team with the longest WS drought in baseball other than... well, you know that answer by now.

And of course I get to watch the Browns.  Lovely.

Dayton Moore was just given a 4 year... FOUR YEAR... extension for his work on making the Royals the last place team in the entire league while increasing payroll dramatically.


WTF?????  Makes me wonder how the hey the Glass family made the money they did.  Are they on drugs??

Let's count the moves Mr. Moore has made:

1.  Trading for Yuniesky Betancourt

2.  Paying for Kyle Farnsworth-less

3.  Paying for Juan Cruz (did he have to give up draft picks for this?)

4.  Paying a LOT OF MONEY for Jose Guillen, who not only sucks but is also possibly a bigger psycho than Bradley

5.  Trading for Mike Jacobs

6.  Bringing in Sidney Ponson

7.  Bringing in Willie Bloomquist

8.  Wasting money on Leo Nunez and Dan Cortes

9.  Trading Ramon Rodriguez for Coco Crisp

10.  Trading for Yuniesky Betancourt (I have to include this one again, since it counts as two bad moves)


At least they win the award for "lowest OBP aquisitions, last 2 years."  Good LORD.

I pity the fans of this sad, sad, sad organization.  I feel like boycotting Wal-Mart just hearing about this. 

Mr. Moore, for God's sake, will you please trade your pieces of value and start over like Pittsburgh.  What on earth are you doing?  Trying to drive Zach Greinke back into mental illness??

Maybe we can get in on that fire sale if it ever happens.  A trade for DeJesus, anyone?  Try to dump Bradley and put DeJesus in RF.  Don't really need Teahen now that we have Baker.


[[ BTW, not to say "I told you so" but a while ago I had strongly, strongly suggested that we do whatever it takes to get Greinke, even trading both Hill and Pie for him.  Now you know why.  This kid had pretty unbelieveable ability from the start... even someone with my limited knowledge could see this even when he was getting beaten up at first.   How Hendry could not have seen this, or how he could have felt that Hill and Pie were worth more is beyond me. ]]

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