My First Post- Thoughts on Bradley

This is a guy who has shown "passion" his whole career.  We laughed about an incident where after he struck out he flipped out in the playoffs while on national television.  He came into the dugout, threw his stuff around spilling hot coffee on the day's starting pitcher.  He didnt care about his team then. Only about his performance. 

His incidents are numerous and vary in seriousness.  From throwing a bag of balls onto the field to arguing with everyone's favorite racist 2bman.  Well the dodgers kept the "racist" 2b. They didnt keep bradley.

This is a guy who has gone wacko on multiple umpires.  He broke his leg arguing with a racist 1b ump with the padres.  The same guy who charged a radio booth attempting to challenge a Royals announcer.  His GM had to chase him down.  I wonder why the Rangers didnt pursue him at all in the offseason... lol or the OBP desperate royals... He had to apologize to his team after that incident. For being a distraction. hmmmmm

And that isnt the first time he needed a change of scenery.  The A's designated him for assignment because they feared he would blow up after being relegated to DH duty.  They feared his attitude would be detrimental to the team.

What? He had problems before that?  He hit over .300 and had a better than .400 obp one year with the Indians. They still had to trade him after he and Eric Wedge got into a heated fight.  During spring training. Lol You've got to be kidding.

Or how about his troubles with LA? Once again he was objectified by more "racists" in the stands of Colorado and oh my, this must be wrong, St. Louis? wth? Best fans in baseball? And whats this? The media was against him in LA too? What is going on!!!!! LOL what? He verbally attacked a black columnist(jeff Reid) saying he was an uncle tom? oh goodness... Then he fought that beat writer? You have got to be kidding right? His time with the dodgers cannot be fully explained without the words "apeshiz" or "aszhole". From tearing off his jersey and jesturing to fans, or throwing a bottle back at them, Bradley is Bradley.  Meanwhile his entire team is left to answer for his actions.

His incidents with the Cubs are just as numerous and wild.  We know about his suspension after one of his many called strike threes.  We know about his brain freeze in right forgetting how many outs there were.  We know about his smashing of the water cooler and removal from the game by lou.  We know about his argument with lou in the clubhouse.  We know about his arguement with Zambrano in the dugout.  We know about his comments to the press. We know about his weird "knee injury" and pulling himself out of the game early. (he did that with other teams and other managers lost their shit) We know about his hand taunts to fans. We have all heard the stories about fans who want his autograph. We know about what little was said by other players.  Dempster said Milton wasnt happy in spring training. Lee, theriot and johnson all said that the guy never made an effort to belong.  That was just in the first day. 

This is what we actually know.

How much do you think we dont know? How much? we probably know maybe a fraction of what actually took place.  The floodgates on milton are primed to open. It is rare that players talk about a fellow teammate to reporters in such a negative way. And it wasnt just one guy.  Johnson, bradley, Lee, Ramirez, dempster and theriot. Remember that even soriano called him out early this year saying if the doesnt wanna play 100% that the cubs didnt need him.  And that was before the Allstar Break!!!! 

The last thing Hendry wanted was too look like an idiot for signing bradley.  He took a risk on this guy. that he would stay both physically and mentally healthy.  Hendry isnt a "pu55y". What he didnt send detectives up to the right field bleachers and seek out who was using slurs? Or maybe he did? Maybe people WERE asked to leave. How do we know?  He put up with Sammy for YEARS. Bradley didn't last one.

Hendry took a pie in the face for having to suspend bradley in the last few games of the season.  But bradley forced his hand.  He generalized all the fans by the acts of a few.  While he was booed (oh no not booed) by many he was only slurred by few.  He isnt the first black outfielder to be called Ni66&#.  We have had many, many black players who have been booed or embraced.  Milton, latroy and Jacque all had something in common besides being black.  THEY BLEW. 

Milton, fans dont hate you cuz you are black. They hate you because you were bad.  And Mr. Stats, we dont care that he walked alot or got onbase at a .370+ clip.  We dont care that he played average RF.  We care that his TEAM stats, yes TEAM stats su<ked. When Ramirez went down and we needed someone to step up, he wasnt there. The guy played most of the year and hit .205 in RBI situations. Our 30 million dollar outfielder was regulated to setup duty for Lee and injured rammy.

 He wasnt humble about his failures, he was aggressive about them. He lashed out at everyone, fans, media, his manager, and now we find out, he wasnt a very good teammate either.  He blamed everyone for his failure. Like Dempster said, look in the mirror!!!  The fans were hard on him. He heard a few racial slurs. Oh no!!! 

Andre Dawson. Leon Durham.  Derrek Lee. Daryle Ward.  I'm sure their have been others.  There will always be racists in the stands. Sorry guys, its the truth. But generalizing an entire fanbase? Get real. 

Now had he struggled and just took it instride instead of egging on the fans through hand signals and media bashing, he would STILL have gotten booed. Because fans are fickle. Duh. We boo Derrek when he grounds into 27 doubleplays in one year, and cheer him when he hits a home run. This is baseball.  He is in the league for 10 years and he is just figuring this out? After his 6th franchise?  Grow up Milton. 

There was a player named Jackie Robinson .  Milton, you may have heard of him.  You think you faced adversity? You feel alone and that no one loves you.  Well Milton- SCREW YOU. Im sorry you feel picked on. Im sorry that a couple aszholes who call themselves cubs fans called you a name. Im sorry Milton that you cannot handle Major League Baseball.  You saw the worst of us cubs fans.  You ignored or didn't see our best.

You hear that cheer at Miller park? That's us.  You hear that applause at Great American Ball Park in the 12 inning of a night game? That's us.  You see those kids wanting your autograph after you struck out looking with the bases loaded for the millionth time this season? That is us.  And you know what? We will be back next year. And the year after that. Rain or shine, win or lose cuz we love our fu<king cubbie blue. We love something other than ourselves. We love sitting in those stands watching true professionals play the game.  We love listening to Pat Hughes and Ron Santo.  We love cold hotdogs and warm beer.  We Love this game Milton. And we wanna win. Sometimes our ache for that World Series win hurts and we do stupid stuff. Sorry buddy.

Cubs fans will be here tomorrow. You wont. Enjoy the Newark Bears. Cuz the Majors wont touch you.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of SB Nation or Al Yellon, managing editor (unless it's a FanPost posted by Al). FanPost opinions are valued expressions of opinion by passionate and knowledgeable baseball fans.

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