QUESTIONS: Harden, Gorzelanny, Wells, Fukudome, Soriano, DISH

Hi, all.  Just a few questions.  As always, thanks for your insight.


1.  How has Gorzelanny looked this year?  I live in Cleveland and the scheduling never got so that I could watch him pitch.  I was intrigued by the trade and hoped that he would do really well.

His ERA is an unimpressive 4.70; yet his WHIP is in the 1.2's and his SO/BB rate is nearly 4:1.  How is this possible?  Is he giving up home runs all the time??

How is his stuff, and what type of stuff does he have?


2.  How has Fukudome looked recently?  Is he still getting on base, or is he still doing that weird wild-swing thing where he screws himself into the ground?  I think we're stuck with him for the entire length of contract, just wanted to know what you all thought of his progress.  Do you think last years' meltdown is what we should be expecting, or do you think he's made a comeback?


3.  I know there's been discussion about Harden before.  I would hope we'd at least offer him arbitration and give the guy a chance if he's willing to take a one year deal.  Why did he take himself out of the rotation?  Is he hurt?  I have seen some stuff about this, but can't find anything regarding the details.


4.  Do you think we should trade Wells while his value is high?  Personally, I really think we should.  Some of his starts (i.e., those against teams who are not terrible) have really looked pretty shaky and there have been times that other teams have teed off on him.  I would think we could get quite a nice package for him.  I worry that if we hold him for too long, this season where he has exceeded expectations might come crashing down in a Rich Hill like fashion.

Are there any ways to determine if a pitcher's success is due to the fact that opposing players are simply not used to him (like stats over time to see if they get better or worse), or if a pitcher's success is only due to getting lucky?  Is there a stat to look at this?


5.  What are your thoughts on Ben Sheets?  Do you think he'd take a one-year deal?  Do you think he's worth a gamble.   I know we tried this with Wade Miller and Mark Prior before, but if he's cheap enough, I would think it's an option worth investigating.


6.  If you have DISH, and live outside of Chicago, is there any other way to get Cubs games?  Does MLB network air actual baseball games or is all they show discussion and crap?  Can I order CSN or FoxSportsChicago in Ohio?   All I get to watch is WGN games and I hate watching games on my computer.  Any thoughts??  Do I really have to change over to DIRECTV to get the Cubs games that I want?

Sometimes on DISH a baseball game will show up on Channel 400 or something under the title "ALT"  Can I order these somehow?  The idiots on the phone have no clue.

I have no loyalty to DISH, just hate the idea of having to change everything in my house.  Their repair service (if something goes wrong) is really good too.  They also have a very useful CHAT feature.  How is DIRECTV's help line service?


7.  Is an [Alfonso Soriano + prospect] for  [Johan Santana + bad contract (like Oliver Perez or Luis Castillo)]  trade that far off? 

Soriano is what the Mets need:  a big bat in the outfield who can drive in runs; they tried that with Gary Sheffield and, well, that guy is almost as big an unproductive jerk as Milton Bradley.   Having an ace pitcher like Santana hasn't helped them for the past 2 years when he was in his prime.  He clearly is not their answer, and they've put a huge amount of money into him.  The Mets might buy the idea that Soriano was the pits this year because of his injury (I am not sure I buy into that to be honest).

Santana would fill a need for us for a top of the rotation starter (if he comes back healthy which is a gamble), and would allow us to place Fox in LF which seems to be the only postion he's comfortable playing.  He also is coming off surgery, so the Mets really can't know what they're going to get and they have to be worried he might be in his decline. 

Anyhow, I am sure that is a pipe dream but wanted to get your thoughts.  And yes, I do think that the Mets might be stupid enough.


Thanks, as always for your wisdom!

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