Some Cub stat nuggets from the 2010 Bill James Handbook

These are 2009 leaders and NOT projections for 2010.

Let's start with Marlon Byrd as these stats are all league specific and he's the only AL guy I'll be mentioning:

1.) Highest OPS by a CF--Byrd.. .808-- 2nd (sandwiched between Torii and Grady Sizemore2.) Highest SLG% in the cleanup position--Byrd .560--3rd (ahead of M.Cabrera and ARod)  3.) Sac Flies--Byrd 1st with 10  4.) Doubles--Byrd tied for 7th with Mark Texiera

NL Hitting

1.) Slugging % DLee--3rd   2.) Singles--Theriot--1st   3.) RBI--DLee--5th   4.) BA w/bases loaded--DLee 3rd-.600

5.) BA with Runners in scoring pos. ARam--1st--.425   6.) Highest Slg % batting cleanup--DLee--1st---.611

7.) Highest OBP for a leadoff hitter--Fukudome--1st--.404  8.) Caught stealing --Theriot & Fukudome tied for 9th w/10

9.) % pitches taken--Fukudome 5th @ 62.6%   10.) worst BA+Slg on pitches out of zone--Fukudome --2nd @ .237

11.) OPS by 1B--DLee--4th   12.) Lowest GB:FB--Soriano--5th 0.68  13.) OPS by CF--Fukudome 8th--ahead of McClouth and Cameron  14.) Best OPS vs changeups--Fukudome--5th@ 1.048 between Hanley and McCann

15.) OPS vs RHP--DLee 3rd   DLee is in a few more--but let's face it--he had a killer year and we're not surprised!

NL Starting Pitching

1.) ERA--Randy Wells--10th   2.)  Lowest Opp. BA--Ted Lilly--10th  3.) Baserunners per 9--Lilly--4th between Carpenter and Lincecum  4.) no decisions--Big Z--tied for 5th   5.) lowest SB% allowed--Big Z--5th

6.) run support per 9IP--Wells--6th @ 5.66   7.) fewest pitches per batter --Wells--8th   8.) % pitches in strike zone--Lilly--1st   9.) Most caught stealing--Dempster--1st @ 11.  10.) Lowest opponent's OBP--Lilly--4th    11.) Lowest opponent's slugging--Big Z--8th--Wells--10th     12.) Lowest HR/9--Big Z--5th    13.) Lowest GB:FB--Lilly--1st 14.) GIDP/9 Wells--8th.    14.) slowest avg fastball --Lilly---5th--87.1  15.) Highest % sliders--Dempster--1st--33.8%--Wells--5th---Lilly--7th  16.) lowest allowed OPS vs. fastballs--Lilly--4th--.610  17.) Highest % changeups--Wells--8th

NL Relievers

1.) Blown saves--Gregg--tied for 2nd with 7.  2.) Holds--Marmol--4th---Grabow--9th.  3.) Lowest allowed SLG% --Marmol--4th    4.) Lowest allowed OBP%---Guzman---6th.   5.) lowest allowed BA vs. LHB---Marmol--4th @ .136   6.) lowest allowed BA with RISP---Guzman--1st@  .102     7.) Lowest allowed BA with runners on---Marmol---1st @ .131   8.) lowest BA allowed in relief--Guzman--8th     9.) Highest K/hit ratio--Marmol--2nd


2009 runs saved leaders---Koyie Hill--2nd among all  MLB catchers--NL-highest % CS--Koyie Hill--2nd---Soto--5th

A couple observations--Ted Lilly has one of the slowest fastballs in the league and yet it's also one of the hardest to hit? He also gives up more fly balls than anyone in the NL--seems dangerous?

 Look at the number of different pitchers we have in the leader boards!

Guzman is a pretty valuable property.

I thought Hill wasa good receiver--but durn!

Sure hope Byrd can duplicate last year.


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