Question: Bedard, Martinez, Garland

Hello;  thanks to all of you in advance for your comments.

1.  While I certainly understand the interest in Ben Sheets, and the need to have another potentially high level starting arm, why is Ben Sheets the only name that the Cubs seem to be mentioning?

It would seem that Erik Bedard would be a better bet.  He started 15 games last year as opposed to Sheets' zero (Did he play at all last year?) and Bedard has pitched equal or better numbers in the AL.  His medical condition (a small cyst in the shoulder which needed to be debrided) is less severe than that suffered by Sheets (rotator cuff pathology)

Why is there so little interest in Bedard this year?  I would think the Cubs should have equal, or more interest in Bedard than in Sheets.

Also, the argument, "if he's so good, why isn't he signed yet?" doesn't make any sense to me.  Sheets isn't signed either!


2.  If we miss out on the Sheets/ Bedard sweepstakes (i.e., if they ask too much and other clubs are willing to fork over the $$$ and years), would Pedro Martinez be a reasonable candidate?  Yes, he is jurassic, but he looked great for the Phillies last year.  For a one-year, low risk deal, I would think he'd be a reasonable target.  I almost wish my Indians would do something like this (this is very much the type of deal Shapiro is known for pulling, and sometimes it actually works such as in Scott Elarton, Kevin Milwood, Kenny Lofton, Carl Pavano).

3.  Finally, the same question about Jon Garland.  He posted pretty solid numbers pitching in very batter-friendly parks, has always been durable, and would likely sign to a very reasonable short term deal given his relative youth and possible hope that, with good numbers, he could get a great deal in the future when the economy bounces back. 

Why is it that he keeps getting passed around?  Is it that his strikeout totals are too low?


Thanks again for your input and wisdom!

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