Questions: Calero, Fukudome

Hi, everyone.  Once again, thank you in advance for your wisdom.

1.  Why aren't the Cubs looking into Kiko Calero?  He would seem to fit the closer role the Cubs are looking for, and if they were willing to offer Matt Capps a position, or for that matter, John Grabow, why wouldn't they consider spending similar money on him?

I am frankly surprised to see that there has been absolutely no mention of him in discussions by any team yet.  His numbers last year were great, and his career numbers are respectable.  Granted, I am not really familiar with him per se, but is there something about him that makes people want to stay away? 

Carlos Marmol seems best suited to 8th inning work.  I am not sure why the Cubs are not looking into another bullpen candidate.

As for Marmol closing, was it me, or did he seem very wild when in that role?

2.  Maybe I am crazy, but... is Fukudome tradeable?

Amongst the teams needing OF help... Giants and Mets, both of whom could also view taking Fukudome as a means of attacting foreign viewers in areas with a large asian contingent.  I believe he only has 2 years left on the deal, and they would not have to provide us with talent, just salary relief.

Both teams do not have the talent to trade for a decent OF, Damon is asking for way too much for an aging fielder who wants many years, and there are not that many other FA options available. 

This of course would lead us with a gap in RF.  However, we do have the talent (i.e., young pitching) to trade for a younger, cost-controlled RF.  The Royals are evidently intent on trading DeJesus, and desperately in need of pitching which we have.

I would wonder if the Mets would trade Fukudome for Castillo.  Both are bad contracts. The Mets would get an OF they need.  We would get salary relief for players who might fit our needs better.  Getting Fukudome for $8 mil/year ($14 mil for Fukudome - $6 mil for Castillo) for 2 years might be the best OF deal they can get.



Thanks for your input!

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