My "Let's Look Towards 2012" 2011 Cubs Roster

It's October. So?! Never too early to start looking forward to 2011. I know this is going to be the first of hundreds, if not thousands of proposals for the roster. Heck I'll probably do another two or three. I figured I'd get the ball rolling early, thoguh. I'll have a quick break down of each position then go into addressing needs.


C: Soto, Castillo. Done. Don't need to do anything. Wouldn't mind signing Hill to a AAA contract, but if Castillo can play defense and hit above .220, I'm happy. 

1B: We've really got nothing here and we need to address this

2B: I'm fine with having DeWitt and Baker split time here. Baker hits lefties well and DeWitt hits righties. Both are ok on defense, certainly better than Theriot, although DeWitt not by much. Dan Uggla is an option but I get the feeling like Florida is going to snatch him up. They will want a lot for him and I don't think he's worth it. He's the Adam Dunn of 2B, and truthfully, his defense isn't worth it. Baker and DeWitt are both excellent 2 or 8 hitters and have a little pop, that's all I ask for from 2B

SS: Castro. Done. Boom.

3B: Ramirez. Yes, we need a back up for him. Look at the bench later. He's here to stay and with it being a contract year for him, I expect big things if he stays healthy. I wouldn't mind seeing him at 1B though. Not sure how realistic this is.

LF: Soriano. We're stuck with him. To any one who says we can trade him, look at Vernon Wells. He's in Toronto to stay. Same with Aaron Rowand and SF. Yes, both of them are playing worse than Soriano, but I just don't see us getting anything for him. We were EXTREMELY lucky to get anything out of Silva for Bradley. I'm fine with him if he has a .260/20 hr/80 rbi season, which is essentially what he had this year.

CF: Byrd. Boy he was a great signing. Even if he hits .280 and has about 10 hr's again, his defense and hustle alone make him worth it

RF: Colvin and Fukudome. TRADE FUKUDOME. I'm in this camp. He had a pretty good year this year and his value is probably as high as it gets right now. Nothing against the guy but you have to see what you have in Colvin. Give the kid more playing time. Unfortunately they're both lefties. I could see this working only if you give Soriano a ton of rest and put Colvin in left and Fuk in right and a rightie is on the mound. See if you can get a 1B for him, or another OF who can play defense. 


Bench: Castillo, Barney, and Dewitt/Baker start it off. I loved what I saw from Barney and if he can hit .230 that's fine by me. That's probably what he's going to hit for a career but he can play every position and has a spot on an MLB roster. After that I propose bringing back Nady if he can handle a 1-3 starts a week role. I liked what I saw. If he isn't available, I'd go after an OF who is looking to revamp his career or is getting old. Ryan Church, Melky Cabrera, Coco Crisp, etc. 


Staff: Z, Dempster, Gorzelanny, Cashner, Wells. Keep Wells on a short leash and have someone in Iowa or in the pen to step in. Other than that, leave it alone. Let Z hang out there and if he proves to be what he has been in the past, trade him or send him back to the pen. 


Bullpen: Marmol (CL), Marshall (SU), Russell (LOOGY), Scott Maine or John Grabow (if he proves he can throw again), Silva (LR). This leaves 2 spots open in my eyes. I'd go after some veteran righties. First off, bring back Kerry Wood. The guy can be had for decent money but nothing like his last contract. He still has it and would be a great set up potion. Plus I get to wear my jersey again. I have absolutely no idea who is out there for relievers just yet, but I'm sure there's someone who can be had for cheap. I'd love to leave this spot for Caridad or Guzman but you can't rely on guys who have been on the DL that long. 


Look this team isn't going to win 100 games next year but it'd be nice if they could reach .500. I'd be happy with that. Bring Brett and Jay Jackson up in 2012. Maybe Vitters makes some big leaps forward. Their are pieces in place that don't require lots of money or fantasy league trades.


One thing I'd like to see them do is go after Adrian Gonzalez, given that he signs an extension. Here's a great club house guy who produces, and whose numbers are only going to get better at Wrigley. Start off with Vitters, Colvin, and Jay Jackson, and see how much more they want. 


That's about it. Give me your two cents

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