Last Out to First Pitch – The 2010-11 Offseason IT'S HAPPENING!!!??? Contest

It's back!  The most AMAZING!!??!!?!! contest ever... posted on BCB... on a Thursday afternoon... before a World Series Game 2... by a left-handed Bulgarian...

Listed at the bottom of this fanpost are 15 events that may (or may not) occur this offseason.  Your challenge is to arrange them in order of likelihood of happening, most to least.  Similar to last year’s contest, your ranking will be weighted. In other words, your top choice (the one you think is most likely to happen)  will be worth 15 points – your bottom choice (the one you think is least likely to happen) will be worth 1 point.

Now if you remember last year's contest, a lot of the event choices had to do with Milton Bradley.  Well, we don't have Milton to kick around anymore but there were a few events that still seemed relevant so I carried them over.  As for the new ones, well, suffice to say I paid close attention to a lot of the discussions here on BCB and decided to give everyone a chance to put their money where the mouth is. My only regret is that the Cubs made their managerial selection before the World Series - seeing people's picks and the weights assigned would have been most interesting...

Other Ground Rules:

  • The contest begins after the last out of the 2010 World Series and ends with the first pitch of the 2011 major league regular season.
  • Points are accumulated only if the event happens.
  • If an event occurs before the last out, i.e. someone pulls a "Boras", then said event will be removed from the contest and no points awarded for that event.
  • If there is some dispute as to whether or not an event "happened" or the definition of said event, I will certainly consider any and all viewpoints, but in the end – my contest, my call.

Please submit your entry by posting a comment below. Easiest way would be to copy and paste the event list in your comment and add your numerical rankings. But if you'd rather sort them first (or just use the letters A-O) that's fine too - I'm sure I can figure it out.  Just remember - highest (15) means the event you think is most likely to happen, lowest (1), least likely.

Right now, deadline for entries is the last out of the 2010 World Series.  But if the Giants sweep the series, i.e. it ends Sunday night, I may extend the deadline by a day or so, provided of course, none of these events occur.  If they do, then - in the interests of fairness - any entries submitted after that point will not be accepted.

I will track all entries and provide occasional updates throughout the off-season, as well as announce the final results shortly after Opening Day 2011.  The person with the highest point total will receive an official MLB baseball hit out of Wrigley Field from my collection.  And just to keep things interesting, the person with the lowest point total will receive an official minor league baseball from my collection – sufficiently grass-stained and scuffed-up to appropriately reflect said achievement (or lack thereof).

Please post any questions in the comments and I'll be happy to respond.

Let the contest begin!


May a bloated Yankee fan change the temperature of your jacuzzi...



A ..... Ryne Sandberg agrees to a coaching or managing job in the majors.
B ..... Cubs sign Kerry Wood.
C ..... Starlin Castro finishes higher than Jaime Garcia in the ROY voting.
D ..... Cubs new bench coach will have had some MLB managing experience.
E ..... MLB adds more teams to the postseason mix, i.e. more wildcards.
F ..... Cubs sign Adam Dunn.
G ..... Tyler Colvin is the starting right-fielder for Cubs on Opening Day.
H ..... Cubs announce a reduced broadcasting role for Ron Santo.
I   ..... Kosuke Fukudome is traded and/or returns to Japan.
J  ..... Northwestern beats Illinois on November 20 at Wrigley Field.
K ..... Jeff Baker is on the Cubs 25-man roster on Opening Day.
L  ..... Cubs offer arbitration to Koyie Hill.
M ..... Carlos Zambrano is the Cubs starting pitcher on Opening Day.
N ..... Cubs hire top-level executive, e.g. a "baseball guy", to oversee Hendry.
O ..... MLB further expands instant replay capabilities.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of SB Nation or Al Yellon, managing editor (unless it's a FanPost posted by Al). FanPost opinions are valued expressions of opinion by passionate and knowledgeable baseball fans.

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