The 2010 Post Season Awards (TJ STYLE)

Rather than go player by player like I did in the mid-season awards, I think we will just do the big awards this time.

Plus a few I think need to be added!


Here we go!


MVP- Koyie Hill 

This goes without saying......In our hottest stretch of the year, he was our regular catcher. Mike Quade had one constant in his time so far as manager and it was knowing Hill was there for him. He was so invaluable he was not able to be removed from the lineup!

Runner up-Derrek Lee-Nobody hit like he did from the three spot this year in the NL! Aram and Nady also in the running.

Cy Young-Jeff Samardzija (Only because Lilly is gone)

After beginning the season in the pen, he came back and showed that he was worth all the money Jim Hendry had invested in him. He only has one year left on his NTC contract. Jim had better hurry up and get this kid resigned for another 5 years soon!

Honorable mention-Brian Schlitter solidified our bullpen in an amazing way.

I guess I should throw in Marmol and his 38 saves. It just does not seem possible without the other guys!

Rookie of the Year-"Beef" Wellington Castillo

In a year where there were so many people to choose from, Beef takes the prize!

In limited playing time he outhit and hit as many HR as our MVP catcher!

Others....Caridad,Berg, and Atkins! All would probably win in another year!

Comeback Player of the Year-Geo Soto

He had a bad year in 2009. But last year he showed he was one of the NL's top catchers.Would have had more RBI, but he batted 8th for most of the season. Needs to watch his back going into next year. Depending on the next manager, his playing time could be cut due to the emergence of Hill!

Runner up-Bobby Scales, because he came back at all.

Gold Gloves (Infield)-Aramis Ramirez,  (Outfield)-Alfonso Soriano

Both made great strides this year in the field. The hustle and effort given each day by these two players is amazing! Bob Brenly pointed out several times this season on the air how well ARam moved only his arms toward a grounder. The incredible routes taken by Soriano in LF are some of the most imaginative things I have seen in baseball!

Theriot and Nady were barely edged out. their arms were truly amazing!

Rolaids Relief Pitcher-John Grabow (Barely beating out Brian Schlitter)

Money well spent is about the best thing we can say about John. We can only hope hegives us the same fine work next year!

Possible other winners-Caridad, Atkins, Berg, Schlitter, Diamond, Mateo, Gray, Stevens, and of course Bobby Howry.  

Manager of the Year-Alan Trammell

Did such an awesome job as Lou's replacement, the Cubs didn't need to burden him from further responsibility down the stretch!

Mike Quade-despite some odd moves, we all have to admit whether we want him here next year or not, the mood did change for the better after his arrival and we are not so irritated going into the offseason as we could have been!

Executive of the Year-There can only be Jim Hendry

Between the trades and Free agent signings. he is the gift that keeps on giving! The fact that he is picking the next manager fills me with glee!

Owner of the Year-Tom Ricketts

Doing his best imitation of the Wrigley family, Ricketts seemed absent for most of the year allowing Lou and Jim to work their magic. The Year One slogan was awesome. His lowering of the payroll next year is music to Cub Fan's ears!

Don't forget the Tribune Company who allowed Jim Hendry to sign all these fine contracts. (See Soriano)

and a few more awards......

Spirit of the Year-Carlos Zambrano

Nobody could doubt how much he cared when he got excited when pitching against the White Sox. He and Lee yucked it up in the dugout between innings. Cameras caught all the fun!

Honorable mention-Lou's post game comments. Very enlightening!

Retirement of the Year-Lou Piniella

It was sad moment to see Lou realize that he was done as a manager and even sadder knowing the reason was his sick mother. Should he have left, forced or otherwise, earlier? Possibly, but the man gave a lot to the game. So I will let it be.   

Runner up-Chad Fox.  Wait did he retire? Howry? He's done right?

Base runner of the Year-Ryan Theriot

He has a phrase named after him! TOOTBLAN!!!!!!!! No more need to be said!

Runner Up-Castro, who was in such a hurry to get off the field, he forgot the play was still going on.

Best Excuse Not to Play Someone-Mike Quade

No need to use rookie catchers who call pitches that are hit for HRs!

Honorable mention....Lou not playing Colvin for a week and Fontenot not playing vs RHP over Theriot. They did not win because no reason was given.

And a final shout out to many of the Chicago Cubs beat writers-They always knew just what to ask the managers this year. Cub fans could always count on getting us the information we wanted! Great job guys!

Well that's for this year!

It has been amazing!

Next year will be our year!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of SB Nation or Al Yellon, managing editor (unless it's a FanPost posted by Al). FanPost opinions are valued expressions of opinion by passionate and knowledgeable baseball fans.

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