MLB Playoffs: How Do They Top Yesterday?

So. Anything interesting happen in yesterday's playoff games?

Seriously, Roy Halladay's no-hitter was incredibly exciting -- not just because it was only the second no-hitter in postseason play ever, but because it was Halladay's first postseason game, and because of the ease with which it was pitched. He was never really in any trouble, most defensive plays were routine, and he had only a handful of three-ball counts. Just one of those resulted in a walk, the only baserunner.

Congratulations to Halladay and it sure looks like the Phillies are going to breeze past the Reds. No NL Central champion has won a postseason game since 2006 (the Brewers won one in 2008 as a wild card) -- that's 10 straight losses.

One more thing about yesterday's games -- the Yankees got jobbed out of what should have been the final out of their game, a tumbling catch by defensive replacement Greg Golson in right field on a sinking line drive by Delmon Young. It was ruled a trap and Young reached first base with a single. The umpires conferred but left the call alone -- probably wisely, because without replay review, can you imagine the scene in Minnesota had they changed it? Replays clearly showed the ball was caught.

Now, the next pitch was popped up by Jim Thome to end the game. But what if the Twins had rallied to win? That would have been an example of a team losing a game because of a bad call. It didn't happen. But before this postseason is over, it very well could.

Replay review. Now. This kind of thing would never happen if Bud Selig were still alive -- oh, wait.

Today's games each start an hour later than yesterday's. Remember that weird 8:30 pm starting time for Game Two in the 2008 NLDS between the Cubs and Dodgers? They've got it again for Giants/Braves today -- only it makes a little more sense starting at 6:30 pm local time in San Francisco.

1:30 pm CDT: Rangers at Rays. Rangers lead series 1-0. Announcers: Don Orsillo, Buck Martinez and Marc Fein. Gameday for Rays/Rangers

5:00 pm CDT: Yankees at Twins. Yankees lead series 1-0. Announcers: Ernie Johnson, Ron Darling, John Smoltz and Craig Sager. Gameday for Yankees/Twins

8:30 pm CDT: Braves at Giants. Announcers: Dick Stockton, Bob Brenly and Tom Verducci. Gameday for Yankees/Twins

SB Nation game preview for Rays/Rangers

SB Nation game preview for Yankees/Twins

SB Nation game preview for Braves/Giants

Once again, I'm only going to post one discussion thread, but if it gets slow later and you need an overflow, post it in the FanShot section.

Discuss amongst yourselves.

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