A Pictorial Tour Inside Wrigley Field

For her birthday, I took Mrs. Zeke and the Zeke-letts on one of the Wrigley Field tours. It was a picture perfect day in late June. We met the tour guide under the marquee, and then did a 90 minute walking tour of the ballpark. We walked the concourse, sat in a suite, toured the pressbox, the bleachers, and the visiting team and Cubs clubhouses.

We concluded the tour in the Cubs dugout and on the field itself. If you haven't yet been able to take this tour I strongly recommend it. The Cubs tour guides do a great job. Below are some of the photos from our tour with a word or two of commentary. 

Your tour starts here...but then you knew that, didn't you? Followed by view that "got me" as a 10 year-old when I went to my first Cubs game back in the 1960s...


Our first stop by the tour guide in one of the mezzanine suites... great view. 

Dscf4070_medium Dscf4068k_medium

Our tour guide. His name escapes me. And one last look from the suite level...

Dscf4067p_medium Dscf4069l_medium

It's on to the Press Box. But first, the Wrigley Field's a Lowrey.

Dscf4077f_medium Dscf4074x_medium

For you techies, a patch bay..."Don't touch nothin'!"  Now take a seat as one of the media hoards...

Dscf4075_medium Dscf4080_medium Dscf4086_mediumDscf4076_medium

Quite the view from up in the press box ...

Dscf4087p_medium Dscf4082s_mediumDscf4083_medium

We take a side door and walk out to the upper concourse on the way to the visitor's clubhouse...

Dscf4093g_mediumDscf4092r_mediumDscf4091_mediumDscf4090_medium Dscf4073_medium

The visitor's clubhouse. Luxurious, eh? Not so much...

Dscf4099_medium Dscf4098v_medium  Dscf4097_medium Dscf4094o_medium 


Now, pretend you are a visiting player. This is the start of your walk to the your step. And notice the wear on the concrete steps from the players cleats. 

Dscf4100o_medium Dscf4101_medium

Here we detour and walk towards the bleachers...

Dscf4104_medium  Dscf4103_medium  Dscf4105e_mediumDscf4107i_medium 

Our group (minus the photographer)...

Dscf4106a_medium  Dscf4108u_medium


The next part of the tour includes the Cubs clubhouse, dugout, field level views and other beauty shots. We'll start with a last look from the bleacher box seats and through the looking glass that is the enclosed center field lounge...

Dscf4102_medium Dscf4112_medium

Here are some of the first things you see entering the Cubs clubhouse- Cubs D'Art! (ignore the doofus reflected in the glass...). While everyone else rushed in to see the Cubs' lockers, I hung back to take these pics. These alone were worth the price of the tour to me...

Dscf4120o_medium Dscf4121_medium Dscf4122f_medium Dscf4119w_medium Dscf4113_medium  Dscf0699c_medium  Dscf4118_mediumDscf4116q_medium 

Note the "throwback" jersey hanging in Marmol's cubicle above, and just how small this locker room really is (below). Imagine what it must be like after September call-ups...

Dscf0701e_medium Dscf0700q_medium

The last photo above is Z's locker. Note the soccer ball. Also, what you don't see is immediately to the left is a short stairway with a half wall. There is a hole in the half wall. Guess who reportedly put the business end of a bat through it after a bad outing...

Now, it's on to the Cubs dugout...nice view from here, eh? Put me in Lou! 

Dscf4129_medium  Dscf4123j_medium

Ignore him. He's just some yahoo...but next to him are  Andy, Meghann & Mrs. Zeke (Sara),,,

 Dscf0704_medium Dscf4124_medium\

And here's your direct line to the bullpen! Nobody picked up when we called...and if you have to, um "go" between innings, this little anteroom is directly behind the back wall of the dugout- by the entrance from the clubhouse. Just steps from the field. (Remember to zip and wash up fellas...) 


A worm's eye field view...or LBR's view, take your pick...

Dscf4132g_medium Dscf4133_medium

And here's a few other arty-farty shots...

Dscf4134_mediumDscf4061_medium Dscf4063_medium Dscf4064_medium Dscf4066l_medium Dscf4054_medium

And...we're done. So there you have it. Check out the tour schedule and try to make it over to the park. It's well worth it and the ticket price goes to Cubs Care. 

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of SB Nation or Al Yellon, managing editor (unless it's a FanPost posted by Al). FanPost opinions are valued expressions of opinion by passionate and knowledgeable baseball fans.

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