Here Goes One Final Round With This Team As We Know It


And that is actually a good thing!

Probably win or lose, but most certainly if they lose too many, this team as we have known  it the past few years will finally be dismantled and the Cubs will go into rebuilding mode. And honestly, I am ready for it.

Don't get me wrong, I am a big Cub fan, I love the opening day of Baseball, and I will be taking the day off today to watch the cubs with friends. But I am starting to tire of this current team in many ways, and I am ready for some changes.

While I was disappointed that last summer, the cubs did not match the upgrades the Cards made for the penant run, and that the Cubs also did not make any significant additions to the team, except by subtraction, over the winter, I fully understand it. This current team peaked several years ago, and is running out of steam. That is why no one seriously thinks this team will win the division this year. And while most think the Cubs will finish second, they may have to fight off the Reds, hard, to do it.

Injuries have been killing the Cubs the past few season, which is a sign of, not just the end of the steroid era, but of age. Each season now, the real drama has been to see who goes down with a lengthy injury first, Aramis or Derek? Then, the next issue is always, which starting pitcher will go down first, for 6 to 8 weeks?  Then, who will be the first outfielder to crater in the hitting department. Dome? Probably, so Ok, no real drama there this year, almost a foregone conclusion.  

This year also, the new drama will be when, and to whom, will Derek Lee get sold to in the second half of the season?

And then there is the constant lotto the Cubs play when they bring in whatever "closer" they have. This year promises to be even more so, with the question being how many runs will get walked in, as opposed to how many saves will there be. Is there an official stat for that, runs walked in by a closer? If not,  the Cubs should look into starting that.

Time is catching up with this team, fast, and we all know it. I have no desire to watch as the Cubs slowly become the......Astros! Let's enjoy the wins this team will get this year, without the frustation of thinking they should win the penant, and hope they can hold off Cincinnati, and then, let's say goodbye to this team that has for the most part underperformed, underachieved, and let's look forward to the new hope of new young players.

Yea, I know, not a great rah rah first post of the new season, but I am just in a very straightforward kind of mood about this team, although make no mistake, I will watch parts or all of nearly every Cub game somehow, somewhere, go to around 10 home games this year, and a handful of games when they play in Cincy too.

Or maybe this is all just reverse psychology.......I expect nothing really from the Cubs at all this year, thus,,,,,they will go out and win the ......ah, no way will I jinx it by saying it!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of SB Nation or Al Yellon, managing editor (unless it's a FanPost posted by Al). FanPost opinions are valued expressions of opinion by passionate and knowledgeable baseball fans.

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