The Best Cubs Game of May 2010

Well it's been agonizing to this point to say the least.  I think I enjoy watching a Cubs losing season that's filled with good batting and bad pitching rather than losing 1-2, 2-3, 3-4 due to 20 runners left on base and wasted quality starts.  The worst part is when the bats do show up, the pitching goes south.  That's what .500 teams do. 

Also, as much as I hate to blame things as the result of tough luck, I feel like the Cubs have been getting a good dose of tough luck.  Well that's what struggling teams go through, the opponent builds confidence and "tough luck" sets in for the struggling team. 

It also seems like Cubs opponent's get what they need on demand, such as: the opposition needs an inning-ending double play BOOM! a double play.  The opposition needs a miraculous catch to kill a rally BOOM! a miraculous catch.  The opposition needs a power outage to delay the game BOOM! a power outage (laughs).  Yes it's good to have a sense of humor to ease the agony.  Maybe the Cubs should have a sense of humor and loosen up because nothing else seems to be working no matter how many lineup changes the speechless postgame Lou "Point Out the Obvious" Piniella promises to make.

Speaking of the postgame losses Lou Piniella addresses, and I have give credit to Jim Memolo for this point, why doesn't the media ask the important questions?  Like ask: "Lou why didn't you put Mike Fontenot in the lineup today who's a plus .300 lifetime hitter vs Adam Wainwright and bench the sub-.240 hitter in Ryan Theriot vs Wainwright?"  Instead they ask stuff like: "Lou how can you explain..... today's loss?" Lou: "we couldn't hit the ball.  Aehh.  Yeah I'm going to make some lineup changes tomorrow (when you should have made them today, yesterday, the day before).  I mean come on stand up and ask some real questions if you want real answers!  The media might as well ask: "Lou despite the tough loss were you comfortable in the dugout today... was it comfortable enough for you?" (laughs). 

Some things I do appreciate from the first two months is the fact that the Cubs still have a fighting chance in this unusual campaign of the National League.  Some other's are Carlos Silva, the Blackhawks easing the pain, facing the Brewers, Len and Bob making hilarious comments in the midst of blowout losses... well that's about as far as I'll stretch the silver lining on this cloud. 

Let's look at some more positives!  Below is a list of all 13 Cubs victories in the month of May and BCB readers get to vote for their favorite game. 

Just one more thing.  What is the name of the guys who are 20% Cardinals fans and 80% Cubs haters that walks into the ballpark with about 30 laminated signs carried on their backs?  One of the guys wore a Cardinals jersey that had the name Bartman on the back with the number 102 and below that it says "years and counting." 

They were in the bleachers for Friday's 1-7 loss to hold up signs that send obvious reminders to the Cubs fans surrounding.  Signs that read: "Our hand are FULL of rings."  I remember another sign reading from top to bottom: "[Cubs logo] WHEN??" three times to fill the necessary space of the board.  Another sign read: "Any team can have a bad MILLENIUM."  I think the most creative one was the "Mount Chokemore" sign picturing the image of Mount Rushmore made up with the heads of a goat, a black cat, Leon Durham, and Steve Bartman. 

Really? REALLY?  Did they need to take it that far?  Of course they did!  Somebody with no life would take it that far.   I know I could have igonred the signs but since they were in my peripheral view of the field, I couldn't help but observe.

What drives me nuts is when people think Cubs fans are the ones that always talk about curses, black cats, billy goats and what-have-you.  It's not us, it's guys like that who always talk about it over and over and over and instead of them, it's us that get stereotyped for bringing up such nonsense over and over and over again.  I can tell you one thing, when I see a Cubs hater making their best impersonation of a Cubs fan crying, I tell them: "We ONLY cry when the Cubs win the World Series."  End of discussion.  Thank you! Come agian!  And have a nice day!

Oh yeah, don't forget to vote please.

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