Reminding me of the 2004 club

I don't have the fan pedigree that many of you do. I've been a Cub fan since 1985, when I was 12. I don't live in Chicago so I only get to see them play a few times a year, though I do travel up from Texas every year for Opening Day at Wrigley. I don't watch every game. I don't listen to every game. That being said, I do follow BCB daily and always check the score of each game and try to stay up to date with the club.


For me, this team is getting to the point where I'm starting to simply not like them. Not the Cubs, mind you, just this roster. It's a lot like the 2004 team to me. I really hated that team and the drama they created that had more to do with individual ego and less to do with baseball.


These are grown men who play a game as a profession and are in the public eye. Players have been evaluated and criticized since the day they picked up a bat or ball. There are other whole professions dedicated to evaluation and breaking down mechanics, timing, bat speed, throwing accuracy, etc. And ultimately, it is we the fans that drive the entire industry by our interest and our willingness to spend money on the game we love. So, I don't buy the notion that they need to be coddled from accountability and personal responsibility for their play and their actions.


I am a baseball fan in general, but there's just something special about the Cubs for me. I think that is why seasons like this are so disappointing. Not because they're not winning and won't be going to the playoffs. I mean, sure that's disappointing, but we've all lived through bad seasons and really bad teams.

Maybe I'm being naive, and I'm certainly willing to consider that, but this Cubs team, much like the 2004 version, is simply hard to like. The drama, the in-fighting, the lack of desire, the lack of drive, the lack of fundamentals from the top down. The only players that I really care about this year have been Byrd, Soriano, Soto and Marmol. Cashner and Colvin to a lesser extent.

And I don't think that the players aren't trying but I do think they lack drive and desire. Maybe it was coming so very close in 2003 that killed the 2004 team. And maybe it was coming relatively close in 2007 and 2008 and the MB  disaster last year and all the expectations on the team this year that has killed the 2010 version. I don't know.


What I do know is that this is a "deadass" team and, as much as I dislike Lou, I have to agree that I really don't know what else to do to breath any life or desire back into the club. I really think that it needs to be wholesale changes, but that comes with a lot of cost due to the horrible contracts and NTCs that Hendry gave out like tic-tacs.


The window is officially closed with this group of players. The saddest part is that Cubs are out of it before the ASG and I really don't even care simply because it doesn't seem like they do, either.


I really hope that Ricketts can do something to right the ship and that he realizes as a businessman that he's going to have to eat some of the sunk costs to gut the team and start over.

Year One is a failure. Wait 'till next year.

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