Mets Have Sights Set on Lilly

Let me start by saying I have heard nothing except on Mike and Mike in the Morning they said that now that the Cliff Lee sweepstakes are over they have set their sights on Ted Lilly. This is not to say they don't have other options and if the price is to high they may move onto a guy like Jake Westbrook. So IF the Mets decided to take a run at Lilly what could we reasonably expect in return?

Let's just end any of the crazy thoughts. We will NOT be getting IF Wilmer Flores. That scenario is just not gonna happen. Probably not RHP Jenrry Mejia either. Lilly is a rent a player and not considered elite so the return we could possibly see something along the lines of a mid level talent maybe 2. The Mets have some intriguing prospects that could be valuable to us. Let's profile some. I'm fairly familiar with their system so here goes.

OF. Fernando Martinez-  This kis is only 21 but seems to have been aorund for ever. F-mart has been agreswsivly promoted by the Mets playing AA as a 19 year old. RIght now he's got a very pedestrian line between AA/AAA both levels he's played already. As it sits he's talented but that's all it is projection. IMO he's a hot mess and I would probably look for something else but would be solid return for Lilly.

2B. Reese Havens- I think we could reasonably try for him. He sports a 312/386/592 slash line between High A and AA. He offers some power controls the strike zone well and plays a good 2b. Would look very nice next to Castro next year giving us offensive punch and good D. This would be my pick.

RHP's Brad Holt, Juerys Familia, Kyle Allen- All 3 came into this year highly rated but each is having awfull seasons. Each has struggled w/ control and been hit but they all have good stuff. If 1 of these guys could be a throw in w/ say Havens I'd say it'd be a coup.

3B Jefry Marte- Was the 2nd youngest player in the Sally league last year and is repeating the league. Profiles as an average hitter w/ above average power. Here is some video from Mike Newman at

LHP Jaun Urbina- i like this arm a lot. Is just 17 in the GCL and signed as an IFA for 1.2M last year I doubt the Mets deal this guy but not outta the ?. The son of former ML Ugueth Urbina he has clean mechanics and an advanced feel for pithcing for someone so young. Features 88-91 mph FB that may jump to the mid 90s as he matures. Advanced CU w/ good sink. His slider is a distant 3rd pitch but has potential.

OF. Carlos Puello- I'll let my friend Mike Newman agian from take this 1. BTW anyone who likes prospects Mike does awsome work you really should check out his site.

LHP Zach Dotson- Got 500k as an over slot 13th rounder last year. Currently in the GCL he offers a low 90s FB w/ SL and CU. Solid mechanics and body (6'3 200)

OF. Kirk Nieuwenhuis- Hitting 305/347/540 14 52 12sb at AA. Average to slightly above average tools across the board. I like this guy, lefty w/ a bulldog mentality who plays all out. Has ceiling of a 20/20 player but more of a 15/15 player.

Overview: Ok running out of time got to head to work. I was gonna profile a couple other throw in players but to late now. Let me reiterate we will not be getting Flores or Mejia. If I'm wrong, and I sure hope I would be I'll dance naked down Waveland Ave., record it, upload it to Youtube and post the link on this site LOL  If we could get Havens or Niuwenhuis straight up for Lilly right now I'd do it especially if we could get 1 of the struggling RHP. That's probably max value. We could more reasonably expect something more like 1 of the 3 RHP (Holt, Familia, Allen) and somehting like Carlos Puello (who really intriguis me) maybe even a 3rd player like Dotson or Steven Matz. If I see some sother rumors to other team I may profile that teams farm and what we could reaosnably expect. Sorry was gonna do more but outta time.

Happy reading.

P.S. Didn't have time to re-read and check spelling. Sorry.


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