Questions: Gorzelanny, Soriano, Marshall

Hello;  as always, thank you in advance for your wisdom.

1.  Why is it that everyone seems to consider Gorzelanny "trade bait"?  There is constant discussion of needing to shore up the bullpen and using him as a trade piece. 

Lilly probably won't be back next year, and Zambrano has imploded.  Gorzelanny has been consistent, is cheap, is under team control and is young.  I would think he would be the first person the Cubs would want to keep.

Is it that his "stuff" is not good and everyone thinks he is simply getting lucky?  He has looked pretty solid to me when I've seen him.

2.  There has been several mentions of a player named Kila Ka'aihu who plays for the Royals and how we should go after him.  Al Yellon has mentioned this on multiple occasions.

If he has so much potential, wouldn't the Royals just hold on to him.  That's another team with no chance of winning now, and I would think that he is the very type of player that they would NOT want to trade.  Is there something I am missing?  Is that a joke?

3.  Why is Marshall not being given a chance to start, at least spot start on occasion?  He has looked great although in a relief role.  Is he going to be given the chance to start next year if enough baggage can be traded?

I know he is "valuable" in the pen, but shouldn't he be given a chance to start at this point, especially with Cashner up to take his spot in the pen for now?  The season is all but lost now anyway; we may as well start to see what type of pitching we have for next year.

4.  There was a recent thread which noted concluded that, although Soriano's contract is excessive, that he is still for the most part worth (or close to worth) his salary.

If that is the case, why is his contract considered "immovable"?  If a contract is reasonable (or even close to reasonable), a trade should be possible since the player is being paid close to market value, especially when a team has needs for such a player.

Several people have asked questions before about potential trades for Soriano, [including for the slumping Aaron Rowand (who has a similar contract)], and were berated for being absolutely insane and that such a trade would be a "pipe dream".  This conclusion would then mean that Soriano's contract would be considered terrible, which is why no other team would ever take it despite whether they needed a player like him or not. 

I am not sure how one can conclude that his contract is reasonable or worthwhile, or anything other than horrible, and then turn around and say by the same token that he is untradeable.


Thanks again for all of your input.

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