Kids Say The Darndest Things (Alternative 7/2/10 Game Recap)

After further review... 

Ok, even though I still think Macbeth's words fit today's game perfectly (especially the "dusty death" part),  I realize that relying on Shakespeare was kinda lame, especially since I've used that passage before on BCB.  Please forgive me for falling into the Jay Mariotti School of Hack Column Writing trap.

So, I'll try to make amends by sharing with you a little vignette that happened near the end of today's game. I tweeted about this but obviously the 140 character max limits things a bit - a fanpost allows me to add more context, not to mention increase the chances dtpollitt will read it. Anyway, it may sum up the Cubs season - or at least today's game - even better than Macbeth.

It was the bottom of the 9th and obviously the game was out of hand.  But the heart (ha ha) of the lineup was due up and in blowouts like this, the potential for meaningless home runs is significant, so I was manning my usual post on Waveland, hoping that someone would hit one out.

As I stood there, a father and his son walked by me on their way out of Wrigley. Dad was wearing a SF Giants hat, but the kid - who looked to be about 7-8 years old - was decked out in Cubs t-shirt, hat & blue shorts.  I could hear Dad explaining to his son that I was there waiting for a home run ball to be hit.  Dad kept walking but the kid stopped in front of me and asked me what the score was.

Not being well-versed on dealing with kids, I didn't want to unnecessarily scare the boy with the actual score, so I just said "lots and lots to not so much."  That didn't seem to satisfy him - he just stood there looking up at me.  So I threw caution to the wind and told him the score was 12-0, figuring that would send him on his way.

Nope, he still stood there, and I could tell he was formulating his next question.  Dad was standing off to the side, wearing a slightly bemused expression on his face.  Finally, the boy asked me "Do you want the Cubs to win?"

Of course, I answered in the affirmative.  I think I said something profound like "Yep."   Didn't satisfy the kid but it definitely gave him something to think about as he stood there, still looking up at me.  Finally, after a few more moments of deep pondering, he said...

"Cubs are losers."

...then ran off to catch up with Dad.



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