Complete Report Card on Hendry's GM tenure 2002-2010

In the theme an end of an era discussion a complete reflection and review is a good thing when assessing whether the current decision makers should be here to re- build, so let us look at the decisions of the master architect of this now ending era, Mr. Jim Hendry. All leaders at any helm it all comes down to decision-making capabilities and full accounting that scores their results determines whether a leader is either good, exceptional, usual or worse, a failure. Below is a full record (though I am certain I missed a entry here or there), on six things Hendry had direct decision making responsibilities regarding the most important part of a MLB club: Talent acquisition and determination. It is A) Trades, B) Manager hiring C) Free Agent signings D) Subtraction, and E) Significant or starting/contributing player development F)  TOP Draft choices

Some background in Hendry he was made VP/GM in July 2002 after Andy McPhail fired Ed Lynch (GM from 1994-2002) where after July 2002 ultimately made all the decisions regarding player personnel. He is signed to 2012 which is important. He was asst GM prior to his promotion in 2002.

Trades: C though the last three years it is a D
Manager hiring: B
FA signings C
Subtraction C though the last couple of years that is bordering on a D
Player Development D though this could move up significantly with the next crop contributing and even staring.
Top Draft Choices, moved from an F to a C

Great trades of positive note: Grudz & Karros for Hundley

Willis & Travaras for Clement & Alfonseca
Sosa for Hairston, Fontenot & Cruthers
Choi for Derrick Lee
Bradley for Silva
Ascanio, Harrison & Hart for Gorzelanny & Grabow

Trades that went the other way

Mueller for Verplanke
Juan Cruz for Smith, Pratt, Lewis
Wellemeyer Holdzcom & McCormack
Nolasco, Pinto & Mitre for Pierre
Cash for Pagan
Aardsma & Vasquez for Cotts
Wuertz for Robnett & Sellers
Marquis for Vizcaino
DeRosa for Archer, Gaub, Stevens 

Free Agent Signings of positive note:

Ryan Dempster
Greg Maddux
Henry Blanco
Aramis Ramirez (2)
Derrek Lee
Alfonso Soriano
Mark DeRosa
Ted Lilly
Jason Marquis
Reed Johnson
Marlon Byrd

Dubious Free Agent Signings

Mark Guthrie
Mike Remlinger
LaTroy Hawkins
Todd Walker
Neifi Perez
Jeremy Burnitz
Chad Fox
Cliff Floyd
Jacque Jones
Aaron Miles
Joey Gathright
Kouske Fukudome
Carlos Zambrano

His hiring of Dusty Baker and Piniella gets a B grade and in reality that is all we can expect, LaRussa’s, Cox’s, Torre’s, Sciossa’s only come along and are attracted to the best of the best programs. 657-637, 3 division titles (3/9 seasons)

Player development is where his program really has failed. He was head of player development from 1995 to 2002 when he was named GM, and before that was player development, before that he worked under Dombrowski in Florida. Between 2002 and 2005 they failed miserably with #1 draft picks, then since the Colvin pick in 2006 they have turned around where the system seems to be producing real prospects.

All this tells me that coupled with spending $146M this year and $142M last year Hendry has failed to meet the expectations of a successful big market club. He has made some inroads from previous eras, especially Lynch’s failed mid-1990’s but Cubs organization should be more competitive to the level of Atlanta, St. Louis. Philadelphia and Los Angeles.

Complete Record

A)    Trades:  (Notice trades really fall off after 2007)

 2002 (B)
i.    Bill Mueller for Verplanke (F)
ii.     PTBNL For Paul Bako (A)
iii. Noyce & Johnson for Miller (A)
iv. Hundley for Karros & Grudzielanek    A+
v.    Willis & Travaras for Clement & Alfonseca  B

 2003 (A)
i.     Bobby Hill & Hernandez for Ramirez, Lofton & Simons  A+

 2004  (C)
i.     Hee Seop Choi for Derrick Lee   A+
ii.     Damien Miller for Michael Barrett   (push C)
iii. Juan Cruz & Steve Smith,  for Andy Pratt and Richard Lewis (F)
iv. Gonzalez, Harris, Beltran, Jones for Garciaparra & Murton (C)
v.     PTBNL for Ben Grieve

 2005 (C)
i.    Sosa for Hairston & Fontenot and Cruthers (A)
ii.     Farnsworth for Novoa, Moore and Flowers (F)
iii. Gerut for Lawton (C)
iv.  Blackbird & Burrows for Hollandsworth (D)
v.     Lawton for Berg (C)
vi. Remlinger for Astacio (C)
e.    2006 (D)
i.    Nolasco, Pinto & Mitre for Pierre (F)
ii.    Leicaster for Brannon (D)
iii. Hairston Jr for Nevin (F)
iv. Cash for Pagan(B)
v.     Koronka for Bynam (C)
vi. Wellemeyer for Holdzcom & McCormack (F)
vii. Patterson for Spears & Perez (C)
viii Maddux for Izturis (C)
ix. Williamson for Angulo & Santo (C)
x.     Nevin for PTBNL
xi. Perez for Chris Robinson (C)
xii.Walker for Ceda (C)

 2007 (C)
i.    Aardsma & Vasquez for Cotts (F)
ii.    Bynum for Hart (C)
iii. Hamilton for cash (F)
iv. Bowen & Blevins For Kendall (A)
v.    (PTBNL Rapada) For Monroe (A)
vi. Izturis for PTBNL
vii. Cherry & Moore For Trachsel  (B)

2008 (D)
i.    Jones for Infante (A)
ii.    Pagan for Meyers & Coles (F)
iii. Infante & Ohman for Ascanio (F)
iv. Gallagher, Murton, E Patterson & Donaldson for Harden  & Gaudin (A)
v.    Eyre for Schlitter (F)

2009 (D)
i.    Ceda for Gregg (B)
ii.    DeRosa for Archer, Gaub, Stevens  (F)
iii. Cash for Patton (push C)
iv. Marquis for Vizcaino (D)
v.    Gathright for Freel (C)
vi. Freel for PTBNL
vii. Ascanio, Harrison & Hart for Gorzelanny & Grabow (B)
viii Alburqurque for Baker (B)
ix. Hill for PTBNL (C)
x.    Wuertz for Robnett & Sellers (F)

 2010 (I)
i.  Heilman for Maine & White
ii.    Miles & Fox for Gray, Morta & Spencer
iii.Blanco for cash
iv. BRADLEY for Silva
OVERALL score is a C average but last three years grade is a D

B)    Free Agent Signings

i.     Mark Guthrie
ii.     Sean Estes
iii. Troy O’Leary
iv. Mike Remlinger
v.     Kerry Wood
vi. Dave Veres
vii.Rod Beck
viii. Ramon Martinez

i. LaTroy Hawkins
ii.     Todd Hollandsworth
iii. Ryan Dempster
iv. Todd Walker
v.     Greg Maddux
vi. Kerry Wood
vii. Niefi Perez

i.     Jeremy Burnitz
ii.     Glendon Rusch
iii. Jose Macias
iv. Henry Blanco
v.     Aramis Ramirez
vi. Chad Fox

i.     Scott Eyre
ii.     Marquis Grissom
iii. Ryan Dempster
iv. Bob Howry
v.     Jacque Jones
vi. Derrick Lee
vii. Wade Miller

i.     Alfonso Soriano
ii.     Aramis Ramirez
iii. Mark DeRosa
iv.Ted Lilly
v.    Jason Marquis
vi. Daryle Ward
vii. Cliff Floyd

i.     Kosuke Fukudome
ii.     Carlos Zambrano
iii. Jon Lieber
iv. Reed Johnson
v.    Jim Edmonds

i.     Ryan Dempster
ii.     Aaron Miles
iii.Jeoy Gathright
iv. Paul Bako
v.    Milton Bradley

i.    Marlon Byrd
ii.    Xavier Nady

C)    Manager Hirings

 Bruce Kimm 2002 (interim 33-45)

 Dusty Baker  2003-2006 (322-326) one division title, NLCS
 Lou Piniella 2007-2010 (302-266) two division titles NLDS(2)

OVERALL  657-637, 3 division titles (3/9 seasons)

D)    Major Subtraction decisions

a.    2002

i.     Fassero
ii.     Gordan
iii. Lieber
iv. Mahay
v.     Girardi
vi. Hundley
vii. McGriff

viii Mueller

b.    2003

i.     Alfonseca
ii.     Cruz
iii. Estes
iv. Guthrie
v.     Veres
vi. Miller
vii. Bellhorn
viii  Choi
ix. Hernandez
x.     B Hill
xi. Karros
xii. Ojeda
xiii. Simon
xiv. Womack


i.    Beltran
ii.     Clement
iii. Farnsworth
iv. Merker
v.     Bako
vi. Gonzalez
vii. Grudzielanek
viii  Martinez
ix. M Alou
x.     Goodwin
xi. Sosa

d.    2005

i.    Borowski
ii.     Fox
iv. Leicester
v.     Mitre
vi. Remlinger
vii. Wellemeyer
viii Garciaparra
ix. Macias
x.     Burnitz
xi. Hollandsworth
xii. C. Patterson


i.     Aardsma
ii.     Maddux
iii. Prior
iv. Rusch
v.     Hairston Jr
vi. Perez
vii. Walker
viii Womack
ix. Nevin
x.     Pierre

f.    2007

i.     Miller
ii.     Ohman
iii. Tracshel
iv. Barrett
v.     Kendall
vi. Izturis
vii. Floyd
viii Jones
ix. Monroe
x.     Pagan


i.     Eyre
ii.     Gaudin
iii. Gallagher
iv. R Hill
v.    Howry
vi. Lieber
vii. Marquis
viii Wood
ix. Wuertz
x.     Blanco
xi. Cedeno
xii. DeRosa
xiii. McGehee
xiv. Ward
xv. Edmonds
xvi. Murton
xvii. Pie


i.    Ascanio
ii.    Cotts
v.    Harden
viii Samardzijia
ix. Vizcaino
x.     J Fox
xi. Freel
xii. Hoffpauir
xiii. Miles
xv. Johnson

E)    Significant (starting/contributiong) Player Development

 2002  Zambrano,  Prior,.Farnsworth, Borowski, Choi, C Patterson

 2003  Wellemeyer,  Mitre, 

2004  Leicester, Wuertz,2

2005 Rich Hill, Ohman,.Cedeno,.Fontenot, Theriot,.Murton
2006  Aardsma, Guzman,. Marmol, Marshall, Soto
 2007   Gallagher,  Hart,.Pie, .E Patterson

 2008  Ascanio   Gaudin .Wells McGehee    Hoffpauir

 2009.    Atkins,   Berg, .Caridad,.Colvin

  2010    Cashner,.    Russell,.    Castro

F)    #1 Draft Choices

a.    2001 Mark Prior  (A)
b.    2002 Bobby Brownlie (F)
c.    2003 Ryan Harvey (F)
d.    2004 Grant Johnson (2nd round) (F)
e.    2005Mark Pawelek (F)
f.    2006 Tyler Colvin (B) maybe (A)
g.    2007 Josh Vitters (B) maybe (A)
h.    2008 Andrew Cashner (B) maybe (A)
i.    2009 Brett Jackson (B) maybe (A)
j.    2010 Hayden Simpson (I)

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