Joe Girardi Comments + Yankees Game Photos

Joe Girardi has been tossed into the discussion about possibly becoming the next manager of the 2011 Chicago Cubs.  This would be great, yes, but today's ballgame at Yankee Stadium solidified the argument (for me, at least) that Girardi will be wearing Yankee pinstripes once again next Spring. 

My discussion with a member of the Yankees front office plus pictures from the Yankees' 11-5 win over Detroit after the jump.

Ok, so I was in the Yankees museum, which you will see pictures of below, and I got into a conversation with a representative from the Yankees front office (obviously not the big front office with Cashman, the Steinbrenners, etc.) but he is a person that most certainly has some connections with the Yankees.  After all, he was wearing the 2009 World Series Championship ring.  Yes, it was the exact ring the players got -- diamonds and everything.  He said that the workers got one as well (pretty good deal, right?).  Anyway, the man's last name was Richards (I know this because his last name was on the ring) and his first name was Brian, I believe.  I'll just call him Mr. Richards.

So, after discussing some Yankees baseball, I told him I was from the Chicagoland area and am a lifelong Cubs fan.  After he told me his "life wouldn't be complete until he sits in the field box seats down the first baseline at Wrigley," we chatted about the next Cubs manager.  I told him that Girardi's name had been brought up.  His response:

"That ain't happening.  I'm telling you that right now.  I'd really like to see #23 manage the Cubs.  It would be good for the Cubs to have a 'Cub' manage them.  But I'm telling you, Hank and Hal [Steinbrenner] aren't letting Joe go anywhere.  We were all just talking about this after a meeting the other day, actually.  They will throw anything at him to get him to stay.  Plus, why would Joe leave?  He's got everything he wants right here."

I have said this all along, and I have also wanted Ryno to manage the Cubs ever since Lou announced his retirement (pause for comments from some BCB'ers as to why they think Ryno shouldn't be manager...).  However, if Girardi becomes the manager of the Cubs, I will be shocked.  And so will Mr. Richards and the Yankees.  I'll print this fanpost out and eat it if he does.

Okay...that's all about that.  I made it out to my second game at New Yankee Stadium (I went to one last year with my sister) with my family and the place is just unbelievable.  It's got this majestic feel to it that I can't even describe.  I know that many of you don't like the Yankees, but, well, I do.  They are my AL team.  They will never be the Cubs in my heart, but I do like them a lot and respect the hell out of the "Big Four" (Jeter, Posada, Pettitte, Rivera). 

In today's game, Phil Hughes --- who is a fantastic young pitcher, by the way; you will be hearing from him for many years --- and the Yankees took down the Tigers 11-5 thanks to a 9-run sixth inning.  Game photos and museum photos are below.  I have many, many other photos I didn't post so if you like them, just contact me and I can send you some or post more.  Enjoy!




via    ^Outside Yankee Stadium^


via    ^2009 World Series Championship Trophy^


via    ^"The Great Hall"^


via    ^Yankee Stadium letters in left-centerfield^


via    ^Fantastic "Armitron" at Yankee Stadium^


via    ^First pitch!^


via    ^The great Derek Jeter....Have the Cubs found their DJ in Starlin?^


via    ^Great view of the game from Main Section 228, Row 3^


via    ^Under the 'Hess' sign, a sign for the late George Steinbrenner, still on the minds of the Yanks^


via    ^A panoramic shot of Yankee Stadium from our seats^


via    ^Phil Hughes.  He's good now...but he's going to be great^


via    ^Yankees win^


via    ^Yankees win^


via    ^Rivera poster outside the stadium.  I really think the Cubs should do something like this again^

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