A different type of standings

With it looking like the Cubs will lose again, I would like to take a look at the standings; not for the NL Central, but for the worst record in baseball. With rumblings that Harper might not sign(which it is kind of looking that way), it does nothing but help the Cubs draft next season, even though it is extremely unlikely they, themselves, draft him. He has already enrolled at school for next season, and while it may just be a threat, Scott Boras is his client and he isn't afraid to tell Harper to go back to school and wait a year. If Harper were to wait until next season, he would almost for sure be the number 1 pick again, which would push Anthony Rendon to the second pick and pushing more talent towards us. I believe as Cubs fans we should all hope he doesn't sign by the deadline.

As of August 13th 11:40 P.M. :

1st- Pittsburgh(39-76) and yet another loss

2nd- Baltimore(41-75) back on the winning track

3rd- Seattle(45-71) got a W over Cleveland

4th- Arizona(46- 71) loss

5th- Kansas City(48-68) beat the Yankees are a rain delay

tied 5th-Cleveland(48-68) loss to Seattle

tied 5th- Chicago(48-68) 6-3 loss to St Louis

tied8th- Houston(49-65) Beat Pitt

tied8th- Washington(50-66) got a W for the first time in awhile

Reasonably, Cubs can get as high as 4th, even though I wish they could get higher. Maybe they will continue to lose and Baltimore and Pittsburgh get hot.

Key series for each team:

Baltimore-  Aug 16-18 vs Seattle

Pittsburgh- Aug 13-15 @Houston, Aug 30- Sept 1 @ Chicago, Sept 3-5 vs Wash, Sept 17-19 vs Arizona, Sept 24-26 vs Houston

Seattle- Aug 13-15 @ Cleveland, Aug 16-18 @ Baltimore, Sept 2-5 vs Cleveland

Arizona- Aug 13-15 @Washington, Sept 3-5 vs Houston, Sept 17-19 @ Pittsburgh

Cleveland- Aug 13-15 vs Seattle, Aug 17-19 @ Kansas City, Aug 27-29 vs Kansas City, Sept 2-5 @ Seattle, Sept 17-19 @ Kansas City, Sept 23-26 vs Kansas City

Kansas City- Aug 17-19 vs Cleveland, Aug 27-29 @ Cleveland, Sept 17-19 vs Cleveland, Sept 23-26 @ Cleveland

Chicago- Aug 23-25 @ Washington, Aug 30-Sept 1 vs Pittsburgh, Sept 6-8 vs Houston, Oct 1-3 @ Houston

Houston- Aug 13-15 vs Pittsburgh, Sept 3-5 @ Arizona, Sept 6-8 @ Chicago, Sept 20-23 @Washington, Sept 24-26 @ Pittsburgh, Aug 1-3 vs Chicago

Washington- Aug 13-15 vs Arizona, Aug 23-25 vs Chicago, Sept 3-5 @ Pittsburgh, Sept 20-23 vs Houston

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of SB Nation or Al Yellon, managing editor (unless it's a FanPost posted by Al). FanPost opinions are valued expressions of opinion by passionate and knowledgeable baseball fans.

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