2010 BCB Free Agent Frenzy Contest Winner

On Wednesday, Carl Pavano re-signed with the Minnesota Twins.

Why is this important? Because he was the last of the 12 free agents in our 2010 BCB Free Agent Frenzy Contest to sign; thus we have a winner of the contest.

The winner is BCB'er epsilon, who picked half (six) of the signees correctly, but had Pavano ranked high on his list, as well as Carl Crawford signing with the Red Sox.

Thanks to BCB'er StampMe, who tabulated all the scores. He mentioned in his email to me that pretty much everyone started with 23 points, because all of the entries had Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter staying with the Yankees. (All except ballhawk, who put Victor Martinez at 12 because he signed just before the contest deadline.)

So, epsilon, please email me your snail mail address and I'll send you the prize, which is a copy of Glenn Stout and Richard A. Johnson's book "The Cubs: The Complete Story Of Cubs Baseball". (The book was published in 2007, so it's not totally "complete", but you get the idea.)

Two entries were disqualified: tom veryzer for not listing any point totals, and CubFanInChina, for not ranking from 12-to-1. However, neither of those entries would have won if they had been ranked properly.

After the jump, all the entrants and their point totals. Here are the 12 free agents and the teams they'll be playing for in 2011:

Carl Crawford, OF - Red Sox
Adam Dunn, 1B - White Sox
Jayson Werth, OF - Nationals
Paul Konerko, 1B - White Sox
Adrian Beltre, 3B - Rangers
Cliff Lee, SP - Phillies
Victor Martinez, C - Tigers
Rafael Soriano, RP - Yankees
Jorge De La Rosa, SP - Rockies
Carl Pavano, SP - Twins
Derek Jeter, SS - Yankees
Mariano Rivera, RP - Yankees
47 - epsilon
45 - DartmouthCubsFan
44 - aaronb
43 - Hawkeye Hellraiser
43 - SouthWabashSoul
43 - krcampbell
42 - ballhawk
40 - munale
39 - zambranofan
37 - cubsluver22
37 - Zorb
36 - CubFan90
36 - Al Yellon
34 - chilango2
34 - bubbahaw
33 - tripdenten
33 - imacubman
32 - LuvMLB
32 - Cubbie-Tim
32 - Pat19
32 - LT
31 - WGNstatic
31 - Grockcubs
31 - Julio Zuleta's Voodoo
31 - fsuapollo
31 - safemammal
30 - Bradsbeard
30 - StampMe
29 - Dcr18
29 - alkappy
25 - hansman1982
25 - PalatineRol
24 - sXe hXc AMF
23 - Easy Ed
23 - Goats69
23 - bigz38fan
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