Question: Should we trade all of our good prospects while we have the chance?

Hello again.  I am sure you are all getting sick of my stupid questions.  However, I do always appreciate your input, and at the very least I have gotten over Rondell White.


Currently there is an ongoing "spat" between the Cubs and Red Sox regarding compensation for Theo Epstein.  The commissioner clearly has not been able to have the two sides come to agreement.  Epstein is already here, and it's not like he can really go back to the Red Sox at this point.  So it comes down to:  what do we have to give up?

The Cubs wanted to give money, but the Red Sox did not feel that was sufficient.  They want prospects, some of our best ones.  Precedent has it (and the commissioner implied that it would be enforced) that the Red Sox may get prospects, but not players who actually play on the team presently.  We have no idea what eventually will be decided but clearly the Red Sox (understandably) are trying to pry away our top prospects.

So the question that arises is:  should we just go on a spending spree with our prospects while we have the chance?  It's not like we have all that many great prospects to begin with anyway.  That way, the Red Sox will have to choose from a pool that is much less than they do now.  From my last post, it is clear that pitchers reach their peak later, from age 27-32.  Would it then be appropriate to empty the farm and trade for a pitcher like Jamie Shields that will be with us for the long haul?

Besides, none of these prospects are Epstein's or Hoyer's choices, and the Cubs have had a poor track record of drafting in the past.  We will likely have to start new with our draft choices in replenishing the farm system.  Why not trade for something of value that will be with us when we perhaps have a chance of winning, rather than have the Red Sox take those prospects anyway?

I think an offer of Brett Jackson, LaHair, and Trey McNutt, with a couple throw-ins might do it in getting Shields.  He is an excellent, cost controlled pitcher.  We could then use our FA money on outfielders and position players instead of pitchers.  Sign players like David DeJesus for a year or two to throw someone out there while our lower prospects develop.  Leave the Red Sox with little to choose from and then thumb your nose and tell them that's what they get for being jerks.

If you all think I am being really stupid, I would point towards the 2009 San Francisco Giants, a team whose position players (except for Posey) was comprised of retreads and aging veterans.  With excellent pitching, anything can happen.


Thanks again for all your wisdom.  I look forward to hearing some excellent arguments as to why I am wrong!

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