Wrigley Field Walkaround - 2/16/11 (Updated: now with photos)

(Update 2/19/11:  Sun came out today so I went back and took some pictures and inserted them in appropriate spots below, adding explanatory text where needed.)

Took advantage of the warmer weather and did a Wrigley Field walkaround today.  Nothing too big going on so didn't really merit any pictures.  But it was just nice to walk around outside with just a hoodie and see how the old gray dame is holding up.  Here's what I noticed:

Scaffolding up around Gate D (Sheffield & Addison). Hard to tell what they're doing though.  Maybe some touch up work on the fencing where the concrete panels used to be?


Most of field was still covered in snow, some grass showing through in LCF and CF.
(Obviously the warmer weather last few days got rid of most of the snow)


 Miller billboard across Sheffield says "Wait 'til next beer!" 

Harry Caray statue has been de-tagged but that crack from getting hit awhile ago is really bad now.  Snakes up across the whole side panel, ground to top, and little gaps are starting to show.

Some sort of construction/repair work going on in lower half of a couple sections of LCF bleachers.  There's been a canopy/tentlike covering set up for awhile, probably to provide shelter from elements during work.  Today a big concrete pumper truck was parked on Waveland with a big crane/hose going up and over the back of the bleachers and pumping concrete down into that tent-covered area.


My corner, Waveland & Kenmore, got a new fire hydrant.


Guy with jackhammer was going to town on 3rd base side between Cubs dugout and bullpen.  Hard to tell exactly where because of all the snow but it might have been those around the CBOE seats - could be just rebuilding part of the wall but I wonder if they could be adding another row or two of seats?  Is there even room to do that?

Looked like the Ice rink was still functioning but I doubt it after tomorrow - temps might reach 60 degrees here.
(cooler temps today put the rink back in action.) 


Guy at front desk in the administrative offices area had no idea about the Ron Santo patches/pins.

Speaking of memorabilia... plenty of pieces of torn-up roof from the blizzard are still scattered on the ground around the Ernie Banks statue and are yours for the (picking up and) taking.  Yeah, I grabbed one.  My guess is the inital clean up was just a quick pass due to all the snow and all the stuff that's on the ground now was exposed when snow melted.  Looks pretty shabby so I expect they'll be out tomorrow or Friday at the latest to sweep it all up.
(yep - area around Ernie was all nice and clean.  Sat down and had a talk with Mr. Cub - strangely enough, he didn't have much to say.  Too busy working on his batting stance...)


Oh, and I found a dime. Only 2,999,999,999 more and you'll have me to thank for bringing Albert to Wrigley next year.

(Speaking of which, looks like someone is already getting ready for next year. Sigh...)


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