Pick your favorite Cubs win from May 2011

Hey did you hear?  The Cubs scored 22 runs today!  That's fantastic!  I'm glad to hear the Cubs won!  Oh I didn't say they won.  The other team scored 23 runs. 

Hey did you hear?  The Cubs held their opponent to 1 run today!  Wow, great pitching!  That means the Cubs won!  Nope.  The Cubs scored zero runs. 

Hey that team looks really good out there!  No wonder they're leading the division!  Actually, they're in last place.  The Cubs are just making them look like a first place team.   

What's that sound?  It sounds like a fading cry for help from remaining survivors of a sunken ship at sea.  Huh? No.  What you hear is the sound of the 9th inning at Wrigley Field.  At Wrigley Field?  It's been cold and raining all month.  I didn't know they played baseball during the winter season.  It couldn't be winter.  Last I checked it's Memorial Day Weekend.   

The Cubs won 40.7 percent of the 27 games in May (11-16), and enter June with a 23-30 record.  After 53 games played last season, the Cubs stood at 24-29, just one game ahead of this year's campaign.  For the first time ever, the Cubs played in retro jersey's twice in the same month, and I think they should do it more.  I was thinking about recapping some of the Cubs individual stats, but they're all on the disabled list.    

I don't think I have ever been as unconfident in the Cubs as I am now; 0-3 against the last place Astros?  When Quade is at the podium, he's acting like this losing was all a part of his plan.  Then he puts little nicknames on everyone.  And these nicknames are usually just the first syllable of the name.  "Millsy", "Sori", "Sot", "Bake", "Mar", "Barn", "Fuk", etc.  It's a little annoying.  Cut it out "Quad". 

I think this is all a part of nature's plan.  Get the Cubs fan base extremely disinterested and disgusted with the Cubs.  Get it to a point where we think there's absolutely no hope for this team anymore.  Then, out of no where, the Cubs take off and win it all just in time before Judgment Day 2012 (laughs... I'm kidding).  I say that because that is every Cub fans worst fear, they jump off the Cubs bandwagon and then the Cubs go off and win it all.  Well I'm on to nature's plan, and I'm not giving in.  I'm sticking with the Cubs.  Oh by the way, knowing how freaking sensitve people have been nowadays... this paragraph is not meant to be serious. 

I'm a little late this month at posting my "monthly recap."  With that said, Jamie Garcia is throwing a perfect game through 4 innings against the Cubs.  Hopefully with that said, Garcia is jinxed and the Cubs will get on base next inning.  Please vote for your favorite Cubs win from May in the attached poll.  Happy voting!

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