Draft: Keith Law's Top 100 Prospects/ 3rd Day

I just finished going through his top 100 prospects to see who had the most, who was left, etc.

Tampa gets 9 with their surplus of early picks ( Guerrieri, Mahtook, Goeddel, Eierman, Garvin, Martin, Harris, Snell, Goetzman)

Pittsburgh had 3 (Cole, Bell, Dickerson)

Washington had 4 (Rendon, Meyer, Goodwin, Purke)

Kansas City 2 (Starling, Brickhouse)

Baltimore had 3 (Bundy, Delmonico, Espsito)

Seattle had 4 (Hultzen, Capps, Cron, Hicks)

Arizona had 6 ( Bauer, Bradley, Meo, Winkler, Chafin, Roberts)

Milwaukee had 4 ( Jungmann, Bradley, Reed, Goforth)

Boston also with 6 ( Barnes, Swihart, Bradley Jr, Owens, Golson, Kukuk)

Cleveland with 2 ( Lindor, Howard)

A's just get 1 (Gray)

Houston with 3 (Springer, Armstrong, Houser)

Minnesota with 4 ( Michael, Harrison, Boyd, McCreery)

San Diego 5 ( Spangenberg, Ross, Hedges, Kelly, Austin)

Florida just 1 (Fernandez)

San Fran 3 ( Susac, Osich, Crick)

St. Louis 2 ( Tilson, Wong)

Toronto with 7 ( Beede, Norris, Stilson, Comer, Smith, Lopes, Desclafani)

Cincy 2 ( Stephenson, Wright)

Mets 4 (Nimmo, Evans, Verrett, Fulmer)

Anahiem 2 ( Cron, Maronde)

White Sox 3 ( Johnson, Gardeck, Soptic)

Colorado 3 ( Anderson, Thomore, Story)

Philly 2 ( Larry Greene, Tyler Greene)

Detroit 1 (McCann)

LA 2 (Maynard, Reed)

Yanks 1 ( Cote)

Texas 1 (Fisher)

Atlanta 2 ( Gilmartin, Graham)

 and our Cubs with 4 ( Baez, Dunston Jr, Maples, Zych)

I like our 4 more than any of the other 4's besides Washington, of course.

There's still 4 top 100 left, surprisingly though

#62 Kevin Moriarty RHP HS Committed to Gonzaga-- Not really sure why he hasn't been picked yet

#93 Ricky Jacquez RHP HS Committed to Texas usually Texas kids are tough signs, still worth a pick

#95 Patrick Connaughton RHP HS Committed to Notre Dame for Basketball, sounds like he's unsignable, once again the talent warrants a selection

#99 Cole Wiper RHP HS Committed to Oregon, again another tough sign, which is why he hasn't been drafted

Besides these 4, I'd like to see us take a flier on a guy like Brett Mooneyham tomorrow, he's TOR potential, another tough sign.

I say take the chance with one or several of these guys and hope you get one of them to pull the trigger and sign. Who else you guys looking at tomorrow?

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