I too have a letter addressed to Jim Hendry never to be mailed.

Dear Jim,


Here are my roster suggestions at the trade deadline:

Marlon Byrd - People out here in Fan World are convinced you turned down Mike Minor for Byrd.  In Real World, anyone who even kind of pays attention has read that the Braves would not give up Minor for a much better OF, Beltran, even with the Mets eating 3/4s or 2/3s of what's left (can't remember, I bumped my head on a tree like 10 minutes ago). What were you really offered? TELL US! REPORT, DAMMIT, REPORT!

Carlos Pena - With him, as well as all the veterans, it's expected that since the team is losing we must rebuild immediately and get rid of them to the most any bidder. Derrek Lee just got traded to the Pirates for Aaron Baker. Do you know who Aaron Baker is? Do I know who Aaron Baker is? Would I want him in a trade? That is not the point, sir. The point is to get SOMETHING. Aaron Baker can become a good prospect and then a good player. That's what prospects do. I hope you notice the sarcasm in that. Don't do that. That's the exact opposite of what you should do. That would make you the GM you're now portrayed as, except real and actually that bad. If anything, trade him in August or take the pick if he gets it. I think Texas might kick some tires. Derrek Holland FTW? FTMTFW? Now it's a rumor, it was on the table, and you turned it down. Ah Hendry....

Aramis Ramirez - Like with Pena, if someone throws out a good offer, then take it. By good offer, I don't mean the equivalent of Abreu and whoever the other guy was. I mean an MLB ready talent + a prospect + another possible prospect. This guy can be a good addition to a contender. The Angels, Braves, and Yankees still need bats amongst others...

This is taking too long...Guys who should absolutely be traded:

Wood - Supposedly he turned down a deal already. Some help...


Baker/DeWitt - I'm iffy on this one since they're going to keep one of them.

Guys who should be traded for the right deal (otherwise known as worth at the very least one good, solid prospect. The trade must CLEARLY or be able to QUICKLY benefit the MLB roster, if the players prove capable of doing so):

Pena- Good pitching please!

Ramirez - Good pitching please! If 2012 is open, which CURSE you if you believe so, then he might be a good idea to keep around, as would all of those guys in their own way.

Marmol - Would be selling low.

Marshall - Should get back something good.

Shark - Not really any point in doing so but yeah it could happen.

Zambrano - Would be expensive to trade and then replace.

Dempster - Would cost alot to trade and then replace.

Soto - Would be selling low.

Castro - Who're you going to get at a trade deadline worth Castro anyway?

Garza - Would be selling low.

Wells - Would be selling low.

Russell - Would be selling low.

Soriano - I realize he's another guy who's really hearing it this year. Everyone knows that. He's still going to cost a crapload to move just to get anything of any kind of substance back, and this is a guy who just posted a 112OPS+/67 XBH/24 HR/40 2B/.818 OPS/~.240ISOslg just last year.

I believe there are guys on that list who absolutely shouldn't be traded (Soto, Garza, Castro), and then very solid arguments to keep the rest (except Pena) for 2012. I think this team is capable of a quick turnaround with the freed up fundage and a FA class that offers a few really strong talents.

OTOH, in the end moves do have to be made. So hopefully you do successfully land a good package for a couple of these guys. I admire that you, Jim the Tyrannical Destroyer of the Franchise Cubs, held your patience during this deadline. Now make it pay off with a strong finish. With Pence, Jimenez, Beltran, and plenty of other names off the market, teams just may get a little more antsy to get a deal done. Good luck to you on that.

Oh, and once again, DO NOT just give these guys away for pennies on the dollar because the team is bad. That is bad. It's reactionary. It does nothing for no one unless you work some kind of magic. Perhaps you can do so but lets face it Hendry, you're a fool. A POS fool.



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