Goal for rest of 2011

This is has been one of the worst years to be a cub fan in a long long time.  It's a lost season, with no joy.  Besides the record, it's the proverbial slam of the window of contending (or being .500).  Ricketts better make it clear to Hendry/Quade that there are things to accomplish still in 2011.  

* Can Colvin work with Rudy and get back to his 2010 self, or is he lost? 

* Tryout one of the up and coming catchers. I don't know much about Clavenger, but from most accounts that guy plays good defense and his offensive stats are outstanding for a catcher.  Would he or Castillio be good enough to try and shop Soto?  (Plus I don't have to look at Koyie Hill).

* I know this is crazy...........but work Soriano at first.  Look, he's going to be here and he's expensive. Isn't first the natural progression for old guys who hit 25 homers a year? He played 2b for years, so how hard would it really be? His speed is down, give him the mitt for a week and see what happens.  Besides that, get Lahair up here. Guy is 28, but hitting the crap at of the ball.  Waiver deal Pena, don't want him here for next year. 

* Get Brett Jackson up here in September.  Let him get the feel for MLB pitching. 

* Get Carpenter up here against MLB pitching...why waste innings on Ramon Ortiz or even John Grabow

* Get Lamahieu and flaherty up here...both aren't tearing the cover off the ball in AAA, but get them up here and some at bats to get the feel. Waiver deal Ramirez, rumors say he will go in August, once his family is back home.  Probably could get something for him. For anyone that says keep him...please review the tape from April and May from this year and last. 

* After the last game of the season send Kenney, Hendry, and Quade, packing.  

* Ricketts has to have realized, he is presiding over the quickest dismantling of a fan base in a long long time.  

Usually, I wouldn't advocate "reach" moves, but how much worse could the cubs be?  It would at least be fun to watch a young team, plus it would accomplish something! 

I would advocate bringing up a starter to test...........but there are none!  What other goals need to be accomplished in 2011? 

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of SB Nation or Al Yellon, managing editor (unless it's a FanPost posted by Al). FanPost opinions are valued expressions of opinion by passionate and knowledgeable baseball fans.

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