2003...Eight Years Later or Catching Hell Will Give Me Nightmares

ESPN released the documentary Catching Hell. The well known story of Steve Bartman and how because of his (and other fans' interference,) a domino effect of errors by the Cubs, clutch hits by the Marlins, and karma/bad thoughts by Cubs fans caused a monumental collapse. After the jump, I present my thoughts about the documentary (to an extent) and how eight years later, my feelings change.

Note:  I apologize of this FanPost isn't well written, I am a chef. I went to culinary school, not college for an English major.

    The documentary I thought was absolutely well done. The way it started with Buckne, to the Cubs (and their failures and how the "curse" started) was great. When it got to the "foul ball" and Bartman (and originally, Pat Looney) it really got juicy and that amount of perspectives, scenarios, angles, and the timeline of from the foul ball, to hiding Bartman inside the booth. I will say it now, I was so pissed from that moment, not only was my face red (along with my whole body,) I lost my voice for the next 3 days, and my BP was 160/90.

    Anyway, about Bartman getting out of the stadium, that was quite interesting. He ended up staying at the woman's apartment for the night, then to the hotel where he AND two of his friends had rented (and were to celebrate the supposed win) and they were gone. The written apology, him staying in hiding, and the fact that people just dismissed Game 7. Yeah, really doesn't help to use that negative energy. I am a firm believer of karma, positive thoughts/positive energy, and yeah, that didn't help. It also didn't help that we blew that game.

    Back to the documentary and look who makes an appearence, Moises Alou! They asked if he would've had that ball, and he said yes because, he finally did everything right. Even to this day, I actually agree with him. On another note, I still can't understand half the time, so I'm just going to assume that he's still kind of angry because he wouldn't get to another World Series because of him.

    We get into the idea of fan interference and that it should've been called. Yeah, I agree about it. End that discussion about it.

    Oh so now we get into the scapegoat story from a minister and how ties into Bartman. Okay, I'll buy that one. They both intertwine really well. Oh snap, Buckner on a horse! Yep, this documentary has everything. He explains how the momentum and that where the ball went, was where the glove was suppose to be and it closed. So the documentary goes into the Red Sox wins in 04 and 07, and how the organization invited Buckner and the fans forgive him. He finally said yes and on opening day, 2008, he appeared at Fenway. I remember seeing that, and it was a nice moment. Made me a little teary eyed. I think what they were going with is that when the Cubs win it one day, we'll collect our breath and say it's okay Bartman, you can come back now. Okay so with that, I'm going to now put my two cents in eight years later...


    I won't lie to you BCB, it still hurts me when someone mentions 2003. It still hurts to know that we had five outs, even a whole game left to win it. But eight years later, we can put all the blame on Steve Bartman. So many people deserve it overall too. How about all the other fans that tried going for the ball? What about Alex Gonzales for botching that easy double play ball? How about Prior for that wild pitch? Or Farnsworth for giving up those four runs? How about the whole Cubs team for Game 7? So much blame can be spread, not just for one guy.

    I might not know much since I'm 24, I cook, and work at Starbucks to pay my bills. I know 1984, 1969, the trades we've made, the players we've signed, even the fact that we had military personnel manage the team for a while, but I know I'm a die hard Cubs fan. I say this though: Eight years later, maybe we need to forgive the past and to be ready for the future.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of SB Nation or Al Yellon, managing editor (unless it's a FanPost posted by Al). FanPost opinions are valued expressions of opinion by passionate and knowledgeable baseball fans.

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