Question: Should the Cubs trade Castro for pitching?

As always, thank you in advance for your wisdom.

While I admit that many of you would fervently disagree, please do refrain from simply flaming the poster or responding "NO, next question."

Castro's defense has been terrible. While many position players "grow" into their power or plate discipline, I cannot remember many who would "grow" into their defensive positions. They are typically capable at that position throughout their development, particularly when one considers shortstops. When I was in Baltimore, Cal Ripken once stated that being a shortstop took a tremendous amount of mental exertion, that he had to think with each pitch and each play, and that by the end of the game he would feel mentally exhausted. I simply can't see this coming from the same person who will space out and eat sunflower seeds in the middle of a play. It is not the one incident. It is the underlying personality of someone who would do that.

Realistically, then, Castro might be best suited as a 2B, perhaps a Robinson Cano type. The question, then, is whether a superb hitting 2B is worth trading for a boatload of pitching prospects, something this team desperately needs especially with the loss of Cashner.

It would seem that Castro embodies what Epstein and Hoyer do not like: poor defense, not-so-great OBP, and questionable character. These are foundations that they had specifically mentioned the Cubs were going to build upon. The question is whether Castro has killed his trade value with the incidents which transpired. Aside from that, it would seem that Castro's value is at it's all time highest, and if we WERE going to trade him now would be the time, before he starts slumping.

Also, it seems that Epstein and Hoyer are clearly not very impressed with Hendry's draft picks. Once again, especially with pitching a dire need for this team, it would stand to reason that a player of his caliber be traded to a team with a surplus of talented pitching prospects.

A bunch of us have been guessing that Castro would be the next to go-- to the Rays or Angels-- for a nice haul of young pitching. Please note I am NOT saying we should "dump" Castro. He has enormous potential and is cost controlled for many years. As with people's suggestions with trading Garza, the return would have to be tremendous with can't-miss pitching prospects for this to be reasonable. There are so many holes with this team, though, that if you could fill two or three in exchange for one player, it might be reasonable.

So what do you think. It is nonsense to consider trading Castro under any circumstances, and do you think he will quickly become an outstanding defensive shortstop? Or do you continue on with the same line of thinking that we have seen in the past several days, and trade while the value is at its highest?

Even as early as a couple years ago, posters had mentioned that Soto and Marmol were two players who, under any circumstances could NOT be traded.

Thanks again for your wisdom and your comments as always!

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