Part 1: Cubs Top 30 Honorable Mention

This is the first in a 3 part series I'll be posting over the next 2 weeks. 1st is the honorable mention portion of my Cubs Top 30, next will be the Cubs Top 30, then finally a draft preview for potential players we could draft with our top 4 picks in the 2012 draft. BA has the Cubs system coming in 14th before the addition of 1B. Anthony Rizzo. In the Cubs top 10 chat Jim Callis said the system is middle of the pack but with outstanding depth.

The system is extremely deep but most of it resides in the DSL/R/lower minors. We have a ton of intriguing prospects and have explored just about every avenue in finding prospects known to man. These players are more likely to bust then even become a role player at the ML level. Even with those odds we have a lot of lottery tickets but the sheer volume of players we have stockpiled we should find some good players.

This HM list is not a slight on any of these players and you can very much make a case for many of them coming in somewhere at the back end of our top 30 list. A few of these players will vault up the top 30 list I'm sure if for nothing else the gratuations that will occur this year. The list in alphabetical order and even here there are some ommisions.

SS. Luis Acosta - Came in 9th on BA's top 30 IFA's for the July 2nd signing this past year. Short swing with power potential.Probably moves to 3B or a corner OF. Got 1.1M and Matt Garrioch said "Acosta has star potential. He runs hard out of the box as he finishes his strong swing." Should start 2012 in the DSL.

OF. Jeffrey Baez - Plus speed and power potential. Struggled in instructs and should start 2012 in AZL.

RHP. Zach Cates - Power arm aquired from S.D. w/ Rizzo. I like his potential and is a sleeper imo.

CF. Pin-Chieh Chen - Good speed slap hitter. Will have to stick in CF for lack of power.

C. Steve Clevenger - Puts good wood on the ball and has good PD. Lacks power but could make a good back up C.

CF. Taiwan Easterling - Debated on him for the top 30. Was my last cut and made BAs top 30 @28. Just 128 college ABs because of football. Barrels the ball well and it jumps off his bat. Looked good in instructs and in pro debut. Could really move up the charts in 2012. Lot's to like and should start 2012 in high A.

1B/3B. Trevor Gretzky - Raw but has good hand eye cordination and above average power potential.

RHP. Micheal Jansen - Got well above average slot money for a 26th rounder for $225,000. Power arm with some projection. Cubs realy like this kid.

LHP. Austin Kirk - Faded late in the year. Fringy FB but solid CB/CU.

RHP. Aaron Kurcz - Another guy I went back and forth on for the top 30. Stuff played up after move to the pen. 12.1 k/9 v. 8.2 as starter. 90-94 FB with deceptive delievery. Solid CB and great CU for a bullpen arm. With the move should move fast and start 2012 in AA.

RHP. Luis Lira

C. Justin Marra - Was considered a tough sign and looked good in instructs.

OF. Trey Martin - Plus Speed and good hand eye cordination. Very projectable player.

RHP. Starlin Peralta - Good FB but needs work on command/control.

RHP. Austin Reed - Awfull numbers in 1st proball taste. Looked much improved in instructs. Gets GB.

C. Neftali Rosario - Good arm and power. Needs work on PD. Looked good in 1st taste of proball but really struggled in instructs.

LF. Garrett Schlecht - A guy i really like. Outstanding eye and good hand eye cordination. Has some potential to add some power. Will be relagated to LF which hurts his overall prospect status. Took 9 BB in 33 PA in instructs. Sleeper.

2B/OF. Rubi Silva - For his skill set his PD is atrocious (16/95 BB/K). 6/6 sb/cs. Plus speed and has some dynamic ability.

RHP. Nick Struck - Good FB but well below average secondary stuff will hold him back.

RHP. Robert Whitenack - Ranked 19th on BAs top 30 even with TJS. Was really opening eyes before injury. A case could be made for top 30 consideration but he will not pitch until late 2012 and could take until mid 2013 for stuff to return.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of SB Nation or Al Yellon, managing editor (unless it's a FanPost posted by Al). FanPost opinions are valued expressions of opinion by passionate and knowledgeable baseball fans.

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