Rule 5 Mea Culpa

i don't like making mistakes. I really, really don't like making mistakes. When I do, I like to make good, or at least try to do so.

Before I get to my mistake, I will go a bit into the Rule 5 Draft. In the day, there was no June Amateur Draft. Everyone was a free agent. Usually, the teams with the money (Yankees and Cardinals, oftentimes) would afford the best new talent. While the St. Louis Browns were trying to figure out how to pay their hotel bill in Detroit, the Yankees were signing a slugging outfielder just out of high school.

The Rule 5 Draft was put in as a sort of a 'soak the rich' opportunity. Players receiving big bonuses were Strasburg'ed onto the 40 Man Roster. Other players had to be added or exposed after a limited number of years. The league knew they were better off having as many of their 8 teams worth watching as possible. Nonetheless, the Yankees drew, and many other teams didn't.

So, when a team had their chance in the Rule 5 Draft, they could select any eligible but unprotected player for $50,000. If he lasted the season, he was theirs for good. Like with our Marwin Gonzalez case, no player is benefitted when their team refuses to advance them, but another team wants them on the 25 Man roster.

Perhaps I should write Carrie a missive, getting Theo or Jed to explain the intricacies, but I will condense the important part for today. I counted, and Lendy Castillo has spent 41 days on the 25 Man roster this season. I excluded Wednesday, as he was disabled, and I doubt that should count toward the 90. So, I was commenting elsewhere that all he has to do is spend 49 days between now and September 1st, and he'll be golden for 2013 and beyond.

I was chided for being wrong.

Arizona Phil, who walked me through the Samardzija and DeWitt contract scenarios before they occured, obviously knows his baseball minutae. He said that days after September count toward the 90 days. Unless, of course, they changed it in the CBA.


Lendy Castillo has been on the roster 41 days and holding. This year, all 30 days of September are days before the regular season finishes. The Cubs will also be scheduled to play 3 days in October. Since roster bumps to 40 on September 1st, Castillo should be added to the big league roster by September First. In other words, to complete his 90 days, he only needs to be on the 25 man roster 16 days (90-41-30-3) between now and August 31.

Off of the ninth inning, he's probably not that much worse that Maine or Bowden. Might as well find him sixteen more days. The All-Star break is four of those days, if anyone gets overly squeamish about punting any more games.

If you think you are a better talent scout than Tim Wilken and think Castillo will always be horrible, then claim that opinion. Don't throw around red herrings like 'we can't afford to have Lendy on the 25 man sixteen more days between now and the end of August. We can, and we will, even if you think we shouldn't. Why? Because Team Theo values 2014 more than 2012.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of SB Nation or Al Yellon, managing editor (unless it's a FanPost posted by Al). FanPost opinions are valued expressions of opinion by passionate and knowledgeable baseball fans.

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