Cubs May 2012 Recap. Vote for your favorite win.

Believe it or not, the Cubs actually had a better record in May than April. Yes, even after a 12-game losing streak, the Cubs' record of 10-17 in May is a winning percentage of .370, which is better than the .348 winning percentage they had in April (8-15). But hey, that means they're making progress right? Maybe the Cubs will improve the 37 percent of games won in May to a 39 percent in June. If the absolute best possible scenario happens, we might actually see the Cubs win 40 percent of the games they play in June.

Here's the top 4 regular position player performers of May:

1. David DeJesus. DeJesus led the team with a .317 AVG, a .400 OBP, tied with LaHair for most walks of 12, 4 triples, and 15 runs. DeJesus is second with a .495 SLG, .895 OPS, 32 hits, and tied with Soriano with 7 doubles. DeJesus is tied with Barney for fourth with 8 RBI. However, DeJesus is tied for with Stewart for the fourth-most strike-outs with 15.

2. Alfonso Soriano. Soriano led the team with a .591 SLG, .947 OPS, and 7 home runs. Soriano is second with 17 RBI, and tied with DeJesus for second with 7 doubles. Soriano is third with a .290 AVG, .353 OBP, and 27 hits. Soriano tied with Barney with the fourth-most walks with 8. However, Soriano had the second-most strike-outs with 22.

3. Darwin Barney. Barney led the team with 10 doubles. Barney is has the second-most runs scored with 14. Barney is third with a .489 SLG, .832 OPS, 3 stolen bases, and 1 triple. Barney is fourth with a .344 OBP 25 hits, tied with DeJesus for fourth with 8 RBI, and tied with Soriano for fourth with 8 walks. Barney is fifth with a .284 AVG.

4. Starlin Castro. Castro led the team with 18 RBI and 35 hits. Castro is second with a .304 AVG, 5 stolen bases, and 2 triples. Castro is tied with Stewart for third with 4 home runs, and tied with LaHair & Stewart with 11 runs. Castro is fifth with a .452 SLG. However, Castro is third with 20 strike outs.

Here's the top 3 starting pitchers of May:

1. Jeff Samardzija. Samardzija led the rotation with a 2.48 ERA and a 1.05 WHIP. Samardzija was second in the rotation with a .218 opponent AVG.

2. Paul Maholm. Maholm was second in the rotation with a 3.56 ERA. Maholm was third in the rotation with a 1.22 WHIP and a .234 opponent AVG.

3. Travis Wood. Wood led the rotation with a .194 opponent AVG. Wood was second in the rotation with a 1.20 WHIP. However, Wood was fourth in the rotation with a 5.94 ERA.

The top 2 most reliable relief pitchers of May are:

1. Shawn Camp. Even though Camp finished second to Russell with 13.1 innings and 13 games pitched, he finished first to Russell with a 1.35 ERA, a 1.05 WHIP and .170 opponent AVG.

2. James Russell. Russell pitched 15.2 innings in 16 games. Russell had a 2.30 ERA and finished behind Wells and Camp with a 1.40 WHIP. Russell also finished behind Marmol and Camp with a .258 opponent AVG.

Here's the top 5 Cubs Win Probability Added plays of May:

5.) Sun 5/6 vs. LAD (W 4-3, 11 inn.): Bottom 9, Cubs trail 2-3, 1 out, runners on 1st and 2nd. Tony Campana hits a double to right-center field off J Guerra. Ian Stewart scores; David DeJesus out a home plate / RF-2B-C; Campana advances to 3B on throw. Score tied at 3. WPA: 30%, Cubs Win Expectancy: 62%.

4.) Tue 5/15 at STL (L 6-7): Top 9, Cubs trail 5-6, 0 outs, bases empty. Alfonso Soriano hits a solo home run to right field off Jason Motte. Score tied at 6. WPA: 35%, Cubs Win Expectancy: 50%.

3.) Fri 5/11 at MIL (L 7-8, 13 inn.): Top 7, Cubs trail 0-1, 1 out, bases loaded. David DeJesus hits a grand slam down the right field line off K Loe. Darwin Barney, Ian Stewart, and Reed Johnson score. Cubs lead 4-1. WPA: 40%, Cubs Win Expectancy: 89%.

2.) Wed 5/30 vs. SD (W 8-6): Bottom 9, score tied at 6, 2 outs, runner on 1st. Darwin Barney hits a 2-run home run to left-center field off D Thayer. Bryan LaHair scores. Cubs win 8-6. WPA: 44%, Cubs Win Expectancy: 100%.

1.) Fri 5/11 at MIL (L 7-8, 13 inn.): Top 9, Cubs trail 4-5, 1 out, runner on 2nd. David DeJesus hits a triple to right-center field off J Axford. Ian Stewart scores. Score tied at 5. WPA: 45%, Cubs Win Expectancy: 67%.

In the poll, I added a "special" Cubs game. It's not a Cubs win. But I think you'll understand why I added that game when you see it.

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