Ozzie Guillen's Feelings Are Hurt And Other MLBullets

Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen before the game between the Chicago Cubs and the Miami Marlins at Wrigley Field. Mandatory Credit: Rob Grabowski-US PRESSWIRE

The latest from around MLB...

  • Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen returned to Chicago this week for the first time since being "traded" from the Chicago White Sox. And he's pretty upset to hear people suggest that the reason the White Sox are doing so well this year is because he isn't there anymore. "It's not fair when I see a couple idiots, let me put it this way, compare the team played better because so and so is not here," Guillen told the media. "I think that's not fair because when I was here, I was very clear with the media, very honest, and you see my record in eight years. I think I left this team with a winning percentage. Two postseasons and one championship. When people talk about me being overrated, overpaid, that's funny. Because they don't have the guts to tell me to my face .... [Former Sox manager] Jerry Manuel, if he was here, not any of you guys would be here. Ozzie Guillen is here, look at you [expletive] guys making a line." Is it lame to kind of miss this stuff from Ozzie?

  • Once again, the injury bug cut a wide swath. Jose Bautista has gone down with a wrist injury (he could miss a few weeks), David Ortiz has gone down with an achilles injury (might not be serious), Joey Votto has had to have knee surgery (he'll miss three to four weeks), Jed Lowrie was spiked and now has a nerve problem in his ankle (he'll miss four to six weeks), Gavin Floyd has a sore elbow (he's on the DL), and Matt Capps' rotator cuff is bothering him again (he's back on the DL).
  • The Dodgers also put starter Chad Billingsley on the DL with elbow inflammation, but he actually hasn't started since July 8, so he'd only have to be out another few days. And the Dodgers are optimistic that's about how much longer he'll be out.
  • Jeff Sullivan takes a look at the "pace" of a variety of pitchers, noting the extreme difference between, for example, Jonathan Papelbon (mega slow) and Mark Buehrle (very fast). If MLB ever wants to do something about the increasing length of games (I love baseball as much as anyone, but three hours for the average game is simply too long), addressing this varying pace is a start.
  • John Axford is out as the Brewers' closer. After a brilliant 2011 season, the mustachioed reliever has really struggled with his control this year, and, in turn, his ability to close out games. Francisco Rodriguez will take over as the closer, and Axford will move somewhere into middle relief. He could eventually work his way back into the 8th.
  • Andrew McCutchen has hit six homers in his last six games, and is all-universe right now.
  • The new competitive balance lottery takes place today, and if that phrase doesn't mean anything to you - or even if it does - here's a great background on the lottery, viewed through the lens of the Tigers.
  • Pete Rose is going to be on a reality show about his life because why not. I'd bet it won't last too long. The odds aren't good.

Brett Taylor is the Lead Writer at Bleacher Nation, and a Contributor here at Bleed Cubbie Blue.

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