Cubs Announce Spring-Training Broadcast Schedule

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Cubs spring-training baseball will soon be on the air, on radio, TV and online!

You can follow almost every spring-training game this year via either WGN radio or TV, CSN Chicago or; the team announced Thursday that 36 of the 39 spring games will be carried on some form of broadcast or cable or online media, and there will be at least one selection every day.

The schedule features six televised games (four by WGN and two by Comcast SportsNet), nine on the WGN Cubs radio network and 25 via internet radio broadcast on You will be able to access the Cubs Webcasts on and for free by registering for a log-in account. As noted yesterday, there will be one further WGN-TV game, March 15 vs. the White Sox, with the Sox announcers (have your mute button handy).

Here's the full schedule. All games through March 9 are at 2:05 p.m. CST unless otherwise noted; games from March 10 to the end of spring are at 3:05 p.m. CDT unless otherwise noted (all noted times are Central).

Saturday, 2/23   Los Angeles Angels       Tempe             WGN Radio
Sunday, 2/24     San Francisco Giants     Mesa              CUBS.COM
Monday, 2/25     Los Angeles Dodgers      Glendale          CUBS.COM
Tuesday, 2/26    Colorado Rockies         Mesa              CUBS.COM
Wednesday, 2/27  Los Angeles Dodgers      Mesa              CUBS.COM
Thursday, 2/28   Oakland Athletics        Mesa              CUBS.COM
Friday, 3/1	 Arizona Diamondbacks     Mesa              CUBS.COM
Saturday, 3/2	 San Francisco Giants     Scottsdale        WGN Radio
Sunday, 3/3      Milwaukee Brewers (ss)   Mesa              CUBS.COM
	         Los Angeles Angels (ss)  Tempe             -----------
Monday, 3/4      Cleveland Indians        Mesa              CUBS.COM
Tuesday, 3/5     Colorado Rockies         Scottsdale (2:1O) CUBS.COM
Wednesday, 3/6   Texas Rangers            Surprise          CUBS.COM
Thursday, 3/7    Chicago White Sox        Mesa              CUBS.COM
Friday, 3/8	 Cincinnati Reds          Goodyear (8:O5)   CUBS.COM
Saturday, 3/9    Cleveland Indians        Mesa              WGN Radio
Sunday, 3/1O     San Diego Padres         Mesa              CUBS.COM
Monday, 3/11     Arizona Diamondbacks     Scottsdale (3:1O) CUBS.COM
Tuesday, 3/12    OFF DAY	
Wednesday, 3/13	 Colorado Rockies         Mesa              CUBS.COM
Thursday, 3/14	 Los Angeles Dodgers      Glendale          CUBS.COM
Friday, 3/15	 WBC Team (ss)            Mesa              -----------
	         Chicago White Sox (ss)   Glendale (2:O5)   CUBS.COM
Saturday, 3/16   Kansas City Royals (ss)  Mesa              WGN-TV
                 Texas Rangers (ss)       Las Vegas         WGN Radio
Sunday, 3/17     Oakland Athletics (ss)   Phoenix           WGN-TV
                 Texas Rangers (ss)       Las Vegas         WGN Radio
Monday, 3/18	 San Diego Padres         Peoria            CUBS.COM
Tuesday, 3/19	 Texas Rangers            Mesa              CUBS.COM
Wednesday, 3/2O  OFF DAY	
Thursday, 3/21	 Seattle Mariners (ss)    Peoria            WGN Radio
                 Los Angeles Dodgers (ss) Tucson            -----------
Friday, 3/22     Milwaukee Brewers        Maryvale          WGN-TV
Saturday, 3/23   Los Angeles Angels       Mesa              WGN Radio
Sunday, 3/24     Cleveland Indians        Goodyear          WGN Radio
Monday, 3/25     San Francisco Giants     Mesa	            CSN
Tuesday, 3/26    Cincinnati Reds          Mesa (9:O5)	    CUBS.COM
Wednesday, 3/27  Kansas City Royals       Surprise (8:O5)   WGN Radio
Thursday, 3/28   Seattle Mariners         Mesa (2:O5)	    CSN
Friday, 3/29     Houston Astros           Houston (7:O5)    CUBS.COM
Saturday, 3/3O   Houston Astros           Houston (1:O5)    CUBS.COM
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