Ryan Braun's Name is in the Biogenesis PED Client List

Hey, everyone - another fantastic year in the books for Ryan Braun. And, one year later, another PED controversy!

Yahoo! Sports just broke the story that Ryan Braun's name is included in the Biogenesis records, multiple times. And MLB has started a new investigation into Braun's involvement with PEDs, going all the way back to Braun's college days in Miami.

Apparently, Braun purchased $20,000-30,000 worth of performance-enhancers from Biogenesis. Based on Biogenesis' books, anyway.

And here's where it gets great - there are multiple mentions of Biogenesis conversations with Chris Lyons, the attorney who represented Braun during his successful appeal of LAST year's testosterone suspension!

I wonder what Ryan Braun's attorney had to say to Ryan Braun's PED supplier last year! (Good news is, we're likely to find out!)

Chris Lyons was contacted by Yahoo! Sports tonight, and he declined to comment. I have a feeling that this is going to get very, very interesting in a hurry.

There have obviously been several Cubs who were PED cheats over the last 15 years. We all know it now, we mostly knew it back then, and we enjoyed the ride. We're guilty, too.

In fact, it's getting difficult to muster up enough outrage about PED cheats anymore. The thing that gets me about Braun was his lying, self-aggrandizing press conference that he held to declare his vindication and cast vague aspersions at the motives of the courier, and the "troubling facts" they'd learned about him.

That presser came right after Braun *refused* to contest the lab results that showed he'd taken synthetic testosterone at arbitration. He wouldn't perjure himself in a proceeding, but he'd damn sure lie about another man's morality on TV.

I can't remember any other athletes - except Lance Armstrong - who attacked their PED accusers. And Braun wasn't even attacking his accuser - he was attacking a civilian, a lab guy trying to do his job.

I said it last year, too - Ryan Braun has a very casual relationship with the truth. When he's caught dirty, he doesn't take the Giambi route and apologize for "you know, stuff that happened". He doesn't take the McGwire route and "ask to move on". He doesn't take the Sosa route and "no habla". He didn't even take the Tejada-Palmeiro route and claim it was a tainted B12 injection.

He alleged a conspiracy, that he was the victim of evil-doers, and his fans believed him.

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