Official BCB Fantasy League Update

The Yahoo! sponsored "Official" BCB Fantasy League had their draft a couple of weeks ago on March 10. I was rather busy with the WBC at the time to do an update, but I now have a little time before the minor league season starts.

It was a good draft. The first round went like this:

1. Mike Trout--Urine Trouble. (This team keeps changing its name)

2. Miguel Cabrera--Team Gupta

3. Ryan Braun--Batboys

4. Robinson Cano--Haggard Epsilon

5. Matt Kemp--Northside Dominance

6. Joey Votto--Clark and Addison

7. Andrew McCutchen--Team RamRod

8. Prince Fielder--RizzOMB

9. Carlos Gonzalez--Fo' Sizzo My Rizzo

10. Albert Pujols--Spalding's Orphans (ME)

11. Justin Verlander--ಠ_ಠ

12. Stephen Strasburg--Firebirds

13. Giancarlo Stanton--Muy Valbuena

14. Clayton Kershaw--Cubbie Blue Bomb

15. Troy Tulowitzki--Denver Cubs

16. Jose Bautista--Nunya's Knotheads.

This first Cub to go was Starlin Castro, with the seventh pick of the third round, or 39th overall. The final Cub taken was Luis Valbuena, by Nunya's Knotheads with the final pick of the draft.

My personal draft went like this

1. Albert Pujols--1B

2. Jason Heyward--OF

3. Matt Holliday--OF

4. Yu Darvish--P

5. Shin-Soo Choo--OF

6. Yovani Gallardo--SP

7. Jeff Samardzija--SP

8. Chase Utley--2B

9. Brian McCann--C

10. Will Middlebrooks--3B

11. Jarrod Parker--SP

12. Kendrys Morales--1B

13. Casey Janssen--RP

14. Everth Cabrera-SS

15. Steve Cishek--RP

16. David Murphy--OF

17. Kyuji Fujikawa--RP

18. Chris Nelson--2B

19. Garrett Jones--OF

20. Vinnie Pestano--RP

21. Scott Baker--SP

22. John Jaso--C

23. Chris Johnson--3B

I've already dropped Scott Baker and replaced him with Gavin Floyd.

I'm particularly proud of two picks. One is Choo in the fifth round. I love him going from the AL to the NL and from Progressive Field to the GAB. The other is Casey Janssen in the 13th round. By waiting to take a closer, I got the closer for a team predicted by many to win the AL East. He probably fell that far on injury concerns, but he now appears healthy and ready to go on opening day.

My worst pick, by far, was Brian McCann. I panicked after a run of catchers went and I apparently still thought it was 2010. Mike Napoli and Jonathan Lucroy were still on the board when I grabbed McCann. Dumb, dumb, dumb. At least I got Jaso late, who may end up being a better fantasy player than McCann this year.

Some picks by other players that I thought were especially good:

Josh Reddick--Team Gupta, 15th round. (He's 26 years old and hit 32 HRs last year. The 15th round? What were the rest of us thinking?)

Matt Carpenter--(That symbol thing), 19th round. (He'll soon get 2B eligibility and he'll likely bat leadoff for the powerful Cardinal lineup. Not much on HRs or SB, but he could score 90 runs and will have eligibility at 4 positions. Great pick that late.)

Cameron Maybin--RizzOMB, 14th round. (A risk, for sure. But they're moving the fences in at Petco. Could be a 20/30 player)

Bryce Harper--Urine Trouble, 2nd round. (Yep, they got Trout AND Harper. If Heyward hadn't been on the board when I picked nine picks earlier, I would have taken Harper.)

Dillon Gee--Batboys, 23rd round. (To get a talent like Gee in the final round of a draft this deep is impressive.)

J.P. Arencibia--Haggard Epsilon, 18th round. (Average will take a hit, but 41 HRs over past two seasons. Or you could take Brian McCann and his 44 HRs over the past two seasons nine rounds earlier. Arencibia even had a better batting average last year than McCann.)

Erick Aybar--Clark and Addison, 12th round. (Not sexy, but in a great lineup and underrated. A better player than several SS that went ahead of him. I should have grabbed him instead of Morales. Or McCann, of course.)

Ryan Vogelsong--Firebirds, 13th round. (He's been very good the past two seasons and he pitches for the Giants. Why do people still not believe he's for real? Why did he last this long?)

Everyone had some good picks and bad ones, those are just the ones that stuck out in my mind.

If you want to follow along, you can here.

Good luck to everyone! It's going to be a tough league.

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