Rooftop Owners Whine Again About Wrigley Rehab

Rooftop and billboard in 2008. The billboard wording seems particularly appropriate today. - David Sameshima

Will these people please shut up?

I just received a press release from the rooftop owners association.

Seriously, these people just need to go away. The release states, among other things:

The in-force contract negotiated by federal mediators which enumerates revenue sharing between the Cubs and their neighbors - along with the accompanying landmark ordinance - protects the "uninterrupted sweep of the bleachers" until at least 2O24. Any construction that interrupts the Rooftop views will effectually drive them out of business and be challenged in a court of law.

"Effectually"? What does that even mean? Wrong word, press-release writer. You meant "effectively." If I were the Cubs, I'd tell them: Go ahead, go to court. Be careful what you wish for.

Beth Murphy, a spokesperson for the rooftop owners and owner of Murphy's Bleachers, issued this quote in the release:

"We reserve judgment until said proposals are publicized, however we are deeply troubled that 16 small businesses were not party to talks where their contractual rights were at stake. Rooftop owners reserve the right to use any and all means necessary to enforce the remaining 11 years of our 2O-year contract. We support a renovated Wrigley Field, but the neighborhood and its businesses should be partners in the debate as we have over the last 3O years."

Threats like this are not going to make them any friends with the Cubs, the city, or the vast majority of Cubs fans. If they keep talking like this, they won't be around after 11 years from now. Not only that, the phrase "16 small businesses", presumably in there to evoke sympathy for the poor little small businessman, isn't exactly correct. I believe the majority of the rooftop clubs are owned by two individuals (and once again, those two individuals have been among the biggest contributors to 44th Ward Ald. Tom Tunney's campaigns), quite wealthy individuals, if what I have been led to believe is true.

And "the last 30 years"? Since 1983? Really? What rooftop clubs were there in 1983? I can answer that: none.

I repeat: these people need to go away. They're not helping matters at all.

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