Wil Myers called up; Dayton Moore, Destroyer of Worlds

If the radiance of a thousand suns were to burst at once into the sky

that would be like the splendor of the mighty one

I am become Death

the destroyer of worlds

--J. Robert Oppenheimer, father of the atomic bomb

Dayton Moore. You are a dumbshit. You regularly pay (and play) Jeff Franceour in a Major League Baseball game, and you do this on purpose. A side note, but an important one in recognizing your stupidity.


--Rob Neyer

Today marks an important life event in your demise--the calling up of Wil Myers. You don't really need to know anything about baseball to know that if you're the Minor League Player of the Year, you have a decent chance of being successful in the Majors. A list of past winners shows the quality and pedigree of its recipients.

But I may be talking hyperbole; perhaps Myers' accolates in the minors don't mean squat until a call up proves it. But remember who else was apart of this trade? Wade Davis? Wade has been absolutely awful, but the organization has been overly tolerant of yanking him out of the rotation. (Sidenote: Ned Yost is just as bad in KC as he was in Milwaukee. His ability to stick with old school baseball "knowledge" is vomit-inducing.) I'd still rather have Jake Odorizzi...and Mike Montgomery, and Patrick Leonard. For those of you keeping track, before trade, the Royals had:

Myers No. 1

Odorizzi No. 5

Montgomery No. 11

Leonard No. 18


The most fascinating aspect of this trade--and the general consensus is that talks between the clubs started as long ago as October 2012--is its one-sidedness. Shields has a one-year option left on his contract after this year--and that's it. That's it! WHAT THE HELL?! Does Dayton Moore really think 2013 and 2014 are the years for the Royals to go all-in?? This would be like the Cubs trading Baez (and throwing in a few others, just because) for 2 years of Jake Westbrook--RIGHT NOW. The Royals will have given the #1 hitter in the minors and a bucketful of useful players away for 2 years of Shields and crap from Wade Davis. Does anybody else want to know how these conversations went for 3 months? What type of shit fantasy deals was Rays GM Andrew Friedman tossing out and seeing if Dayton would bite? Sam Fuld for Eric Hosmer? 13 gallons of Tropicana OJ for Alex Gordon and a case of Billy Butler BBQ sauce?

Now, Dayton Moore's taint hurts from all this complaining and bitching, but let's come full circle. A GM like Dayton Moore deserves all of it. To be fair, the farm system has greatly improved--both thanks to some of Dayton's moves, but also because the team sucked so much that they banked draft picks. But most importantly, Dayton Moore fails to realize that he could have made his team better simply by taking Jeff Franceour to the parking lot and kicking him out, picking up the phone, and telling Wil Myers that he's got the call to The Show. Both moves accomplish the same thing--winning more ballgames. However, trading for Shields goes against everything the Royals have built and stand for, and at the sake of a two year "win now" window, which given their current record in the worst division in baseball, is an absurd pipe dream. No, the smart decision would have been to watch Myers turn into a superstar, or at least give KC fans the damn hope and chance of watching him try.

Instead, shit has already started to hit the fan. You've fired the hitting coaches (demoted, same thing), hired a flashy fan favorite to build some excitement, have a quality pitching staff, and a recent hot streak / BBQ sauce. What's next? Myers is up. He's going to be carefully managed by the best-run organization for young prospects in baseball. Meanwhile, you're probably going to fire Ned Yost later this year, and hopefully, get yourself canned. And the Royals fans will be left here with...


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