Mapping MLB's Future

The talk about the lack of interest in Interleague play this season and also about what most think is the inevitable introduction of the DH to the National League got me thinking about realignment. To me, if the DH comes to the National League, clinging to the old AL/NL division makes little sense. I appreciate the tradition of the two leagues as much as the next person, but we're getting to the point where we're really forcing the issue. So, I realigned all of MLB into new 5-team divisions, based solely on geography and not AL/NL. Do these divisions need to be further aligned under 2 larger divisions? I'm not sure. Maybe they can just seed the playoffs solely on record? And perhaps we could end up with the most competitive World Series possible that way.

Anyway, here's what I came up with:













Mid North




-White Sox


Mid South







-Blue Jays

-Red Sox










I'm pretty flexible with the Pacific and West divisions. At first I had all the California teams in one division, but I thought maybe travel-wise it was too much of a stretch to have the Mariners in the West. Also, the Mid-North and Mid-South divisions can really be aligned any way you like. I just liked the idea of the Mid-North division aligning with the NFC North of football (with two Chicago teams, of course). I know, I know, the Cardinals would be split up from the Cubs, but it's not like they would never play. Perhaps some time apart is what our rivalry needs?

In terms of scheduling, I think you would play your division more often, and then play every team from every other division at least one series a year. Again, I'm not hung up on the exact details of scheduling, I just think these divisions make sense. I think we're really stuck in an awkward situation with the current alignment/schedule, and we need to go one way or the other. Either back to no Interleague play at all with the NL not going to the DH, or fully integrate with everyone having the DH.

At any rate, something to talk about on an off day. Also, this is NOT a debate about the DH. For the purposes of this post, we will assume the DH will come to the NL, regardless of your feelings for it.

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